Division and Classification in Soccer

Soccer is the most universally diagnosed and popular sport across the globe.

Unlike different types of sports such as athletics and basketball, soccer fields are not ample and easily accessible to many. However, it remains the most aggressive game. Different types of players play in soccer matches thereby contributing to failure or victory of soccer groups during competitions. Soccer is the only game with gamers who directly determine the number of followers or followers a team has depending on their performance throughout the matches.

Types of Soccer Players

Geezers are old players who look up to begin pickup games and plays against the youthful generation and skilled players. This category of players lack the fundamental skills to maneuver their way through the field. In most cases, geezers are substituted first during stoppages or breaks. Such players share much of the stories of how they performed in the pitch while young. They keep calling their team members for simple backward or forward passes (Castagna, Stefano and Grant 778). However, this category of soccer players command a lot of respect from their younger colleagues and also offer essential insights, skills, or knowledge to the teammates.

According to Gissis et al. (209), another type of soccer players are skillers with no IQ. They are the kind of players who show up with or without balls but starts to juggle the ball. Skillers begin with juggling but later acquire advanced and sophisticated skills. Most talented players who unsuccessfully try to make proper passes to teammates fall under this category. In most cases, a skiller player will always try new tricks in a game but end up failing to hit the target.

The third type of soccer players are wannabes. These are the players who try to imitate the global soccer superstars in every move they make in the pitch. For instance, wannabes emulate Cristiano Ronaldo due to his incredible moves in soccer games. Also, they dress and go for haircuts similar to soccer superstars. However, they end up playing very bad but still insist they great. Wannabes are young players ranging from the age of 15-30 years (Castagna, Stefano and Grant 778).

Imported Players

"Imported" players or "foreigners" are considered to be the funniest in the pitch. They play in the country for the first time and often undergo challenges such language barrier between them and their teammates and fans. Imported players usually add their spin to the game. Fans view these players as the ones who raise the teams to international level based on their country of origin or previous teams. However, they may ignore the call from their colleagues to pass the ball in their possession.

The "Annoying Kid"

The "annoying kid" is considered the most annoying player in a soccer field. They are the youngest players with a passion for playing soccer but talks a lot and tries to do a lot with no output. Opponents always target this category of players whenever they want to repossess the ball since annoying kids lose the balls more often. As they grow up, they acquire the essential skills, gain confidence, and improve on game performance. However, they remain the most hated lot during their younger age in soccer.

The Infamous "Ball Hog"

The last category of players in soccer are the infamous "ball hog". They are the players who believe they are perfect and try to possess the ball all the time. They demand passes from their mates after every minute they pass the ball. They try a lot of shots and sometimes end up scoring the highest number of goals in every match. Ball hogs often give lecturers to team members whenever a fellow makes a mistake in the field (Gissis et al. 212). Players deemed as ball hogs rarely miss chances or opportunities to score goals. Opponents are keen on them since if they get free space and pass the ball, then chances of saving such shots are minimal. On the other hand, these types of players may continuously lose chances thereby losing the respecting teammates have for them.


Soccer is among the various types of sports that bring together different world cultures. Soccer fans show support to their teams due to the different experiences they get during their encounter with the varying category of players who work for a common goal of dominating the soccer leagues. Since team members vary regarding personalities, skills, and characters, their coming together brings some joy and passion for fans to watch and support their respective soccer teams. The fact that every player in the field wants to show their talent and skills enables them to try their best and express their capabilities in soccer.

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