Consequences and Causes of Prejudice

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Prejudice is a main challenge in the society since it’s associated with humans generating unrealistic theories, concepts, and opinions regarding a particular social group. Prejudices can be created based on age, gender, color, race, or social class, that may facilitate the emergence of hatred between some groups. In such a case, the focus will be on the prejudices generated by men about women in the society that have led to the growth of gender discrimination in the society. Women have been stereotyped as people whose only work is to stay at home and take care of babies while men, have to perform all the hard work and pay taxes. This prejudice may have been caused by the bad mood and frustration experienced by men after a long working day due to exhaustion; hence, extending their frustrations to their wives at home. This has led to most individuals in the society assuming that women’s duty is to stay at home and look after the young, creating gender discrimination. Women fail to obtain employment opportunities since it is viewed that men should do the hard work and women should stay at home. This has also led to increased hatred between the two social groups where women liberal groups have emerged to fight for the rights of all females in the society and are against men being viewed as supreme in the professional field.

Strategies of Conflict Resolution

Some strategies may be applied in the society to resolve gender conflicts generated by the prejudices. For instance, dialogue is a crucial strategy, which involves bringing both sides together to debate and analyze the issues and factors leading to the creation of the prejudices (Christopher & Wojda, 2008). Through this analysis, both groups can generate solutions on how to eliminate the social problem; hence, eliminating gender discrimination. The other strategy is the creation of laws and policies by the authority regarding social and economic equality; that is, the provision of equal employment opportunities by organizations. This strategy will enable women to secure jobs and perform hard tasks together with the men which will lead to the men eliminating the prejudices created about women.


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