Challenges Facing Latin American Tourism

Reasons to Visit Latin America

There are several reasons why tourists choose to visit Latin America, but one of the biggest is the variety of travel opportunities available. Many visitors are attracted to the variety of cuisines, warm hospitality, and culture. But there are some barriers that prevent international tourists from visiting Latin American countries. These barriers include a lack of human resources and infrastructure. But they can also be overcome. Here are a few suggestions. Read on to learn more about the challenges facing Latin American tourism.

Human Resource Development for Latin American Tourism

As the medical tourism industry expands, human resource development for the region is likely to become an increasingly important priority. The expanded sector will require highly skilled workers in English and may increase demand for training in specific specialties. The region will also need to invest in public health infrastructure and improve education and training standards for a more globalized and educated workforce. These considerations will help Latin American countries better serve tourists and provide them with quality care.

Developing a skilled workforce is critical to the success of Latin American tourism businesses. Human resource development in the region depends on the presence of multinational companies. The growth of these companies has led to the development of their own HR practices. As the region's economy developed from an agricultural one to a modern, industrial one, many companies were forced to develop their workforce with advanced technology. This has fueled higher education in the region and universities offer training in HR management.

Impact of E-Commerce on Latin American Tourism

The Impact of E-Commerce on Latin American Tourism: How has the Internet impacted the way people shop? A recent study by the Institute for Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean (IILC) and Latinobarometro analyzed more than 20,000 respondents in 18 countries. The results showed that Latin Americans spent US$47 billion in business-to-consumer transactions in 2015. That's only 2% of global B2C spending, but it's growing faster than the world economy.

In Latin America, 26% of people buy and sell products online. Interestingly, smartphone users and internet users are more likely to make purchases online than non-users. Moreover, people who buy and sell online are more likely to be younger and better off. Further, people who buy and sell online are more likely to use social networks and smartphones. This growth of online commerce is expected to continue and accelerate the growth of the industry throughout Latin America.

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