Capitalism is a system that allows people to make money
According to Weber, a perfect concept of capitalism is that it goes beyond the desire to acquire so many citizens, including noblemen, doctors, soldiers, and even gamblers, have the desire. To Weber, capitalism was a philosophy or an ideology that could never be associated with a specific type since it is a mixture of measurable characteristics in its proper form. Weber’s view of capitalism is discussed in this article, based on his work “The Protestants Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism.”
The rise of the Protestant religion, according to Weber, boosted psychological changes that are needed for the growth of the capitalist spirit. He states that in Germany most of the people who lead businesses, owner enough capital, are highly technical and commercially trained Protestants (Weber 1). Max shows that the Calvinism notion of a calling with worldly asceticism is an independent driving power which came as a rippling effect of the reformation and not as a result of the change in institutions and structure.

Calvinism was the faith of which the political, social and cultural scuffle of the seventeenth century battled in well-developed nations such as France, Italy, and England (Weber 56). Therefore Weber urges that Puritans morals and ideas are the ones that swayed the development of capitalism. The new ways of thinking and acting took part in changing the view of the people who later transformed into workers and eventually capitalize. From the text, Weber states that by considering the great political and social importance of the Reformed dogma and deeds of the communion one can see the possibility of ascertaining the state of grace of the individual (weber 66).

In conclusion, it is not easy to determine the importance of Calvinism as a factor in the development of capitalism as compared to the change in the institution and structure. However, Weber assumed that the hidden motive of the capitalistic spirit are intimately connected with the nature of capitalism hence, therefore, believing that religious search factors must have influenced the shift to capitalism.

Work Cited

Weber, Max. The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism. Allen & Unwin, 1930: 1-168

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