Border Security in the United States

The US Border Security Philosophy

The US border security philosophy was greatly impacted by the 9/11 terror attack. The federal government and other government-related organizations had to make changes on how immigration issues were handled. The first philosophy which was changed was that of funding whereby the government increased funding on border protection.

Increased Funding and Immigration Enforcement

Since the occurrence of the attack in 2001 until 2012, the government had spent US$589 billion through the Department of Homeland Security. Similarly, immigration enforcement went up through the deportation process of illegal immigrants either voluntarily or involuntarily. Another notable change was that of using local law enforcers to become immigrant agents by sharing fingerprint information on people who were being arrested. The program of using local police officers was effected during the first reign of President Obama (Hesson, 2012).

Border Security Issues

According to the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) of 2018, the major border security issues impacting the immigration act negatively are funding and a shortage of borderline staff. Minimal funding and staff have made the building of borderline security infrastructure and patrolling a major security improvement barrier (GAO, 2018).

Question 2

The US should not forcefully deport the illegal 11 million immigrants rather the immigration department should seek to enact policies which protect the rights of the illegal immigrants as human beings. It will be of great human rights concern for the US to enact a free border entry policy which will enable the neighboring countries' citizens to enter the US at will and leave for their home country at any time they need to as long as they meet the US border custom requirements. Most of the immigrants can be willing to work in the US and have a permanent residence in their home countries. The most impressive effort by the DHS involves that of increasing resources which will be directed towards hiring more officers and agents. If the department will have more officers and agents, there will be more patrols across the US borders thus limiting the entry of illegal immigrants (Mark, 2017).


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