Art Review

Art is the capability of a human being to express him or herself through creativity. Art allows one to use imagination by depicting the intrigues of existence through a painting, sculpture, literature or music. The expression or art permits people to view life primarily based on different perspectives given that art sets to propagate a given set of beliefs that can be used to develop the teachings of humanity. Art enables an individual to visualize an thought or way of life in a society. This paper aims to talk about the meaning of life like these presented in Janson’s History of Art.
The meaning of lifestyles as expressed through art derives from the interaction between art and philosophy, though there is no universal meaning of life, art enables one to formulate an opinion about a given existence that is portrayed in painting and literature. The opinion of someone regarding an item that is on existence leads to the creation of perception. Perception may be skewed and may differ based on the set of beliefs to which one subscribes to based on the art in which their draw their inspiration. Art is what leads to the intellectual activity of a given person and enables an individual to be conscious of self and conscious of the belief that are granted to a given ideology in the society. The meaning of life is summed up in the set of knowledge that is known to humans and the ability to propagate such knowledge to the future generations. Knowledge can only be propagated by informing the current and the future generations on the understanding of the current generation to various forms of life. Notably music and the writing of novels and books has been the art sources that are used to propagate knowledge. Art is used to propagate knowledge through application of symbolism that is used in art. Some of the aspects of art that are often used as symbolism include images and colors that are used in developing various concepts that are used in art. The functions of are also used in establishing the meaning of life. First, art tends to have a physical function. For example, the raku bowl is used in the tea ceremonies in the Japanese culture. Such art are crucial in affirming the importance of their being good relations amongst different individuals. The meaning that is presented by such art is that human being needs to share from a common pool where they can draw good relations and ensure that they live in harmony with one another. Living in peace and in harmony is a virtue that can be exhibited when two or more share a meal from a common pool, thus, enabling them to have good relations and promote the principle of togetherness in humanity. Generally, art promotes peace and harmony amongst individuals from varying backgrounds. For example, the fur-covered dada teacup is an art that has often been used to call for the end of the First World War. Whenever anyone sees the dada tea cup, one is reminded of the pain that humanity has undergone in war and the need to restore hope and togetherness amongst different nations. Art can serve a personal function where an artists passes a unique message to the given audience regarding basic theme. For example, there are incidences when artists often come together to raise awareness on an issue that is affecting humanity and the entire human race leading to the mobilization of resources that are later used in solving the issues that are facing humanity. In conclusion, art is a very powerful that is used in the society to ensure that all human being live in harmony with one another and are at peace. Art are also used in passing teachings of a given religion or in enabling one to understand the virtues that are held by a given society. most importantly, art is used in giving meaning to life. The meaning to life that is only known to one through art is often evident in relation to specific art that one refers to in their lives. Art portrays life as a gift from nature and God that needs to be sanctified and protected. Life is also viewed by art as a means of gaining knowledge and information over a given issue that is of concern to a humanity. Art is the main of communication that allows human beings to exude imagination and be seen to be advancing knowledge. Question twoAn example of how work of an art can embody the meaning and give insight into the meaning of life is photograph of Alan Kurdi. Alan Kurdi is a photograph of a Syria refugee crossing the Mediterranean Sea and seeking asylum in Europe. The photograph has been used to enlightenment the international community on the need to relax the immigration laws to enable the refugees to have access to various parts of the world where they can solace and peace. Additionally, the photograph of Alan Kurdi has been used to depict the human life as being more important that the immigration laws. That is, the immigration laws ought not to be used at the expense of the life of humanity. The formulation of any laws needs to recognize the importance of preserving life and ensuring that humanity live in a decent environment and in harmony with one another. Question threeThe critics of the thesis that works of art have meaning have often argue their point by affirming the art is a talent that one is born with or a skill that can be learnt. Therefore, there is no possibility of art being used to establish the meaning of life since meaning of life is something that is common to all humanity. The critics further argue that art is an expression of creativity that is exhibited by a person and is limited to the extent that one can draw meaning to a given ideology that is promoted through art. Therefore, the point of view of the critics challenges the thesis that established that art can be used in drawing meaning of life to all humanity. Question fourFormalism refers to a set of beliefs that are advanced by an individual, which states that things are made in a given form to enable them serve the purpose to which they are made to perform. The opponents of formalism argue that aesthetic work is solely a matter of a work’s form. According to the opponents of formalism, aesthetic work only serves to add value and image to the given product that has already being produced. Therefore, aesthetic work only results after the original item has been made. As such, the aesthetic value or work must be in tandem with the original form of the product that has been produced. Question fiveAn artist’s refers to the message that an artist’s intends to pass to a given audience through art. Some critics use an artist’s intention to establish the unknown meaning of art by expounding on the original intention and the original meaning of art. Question sixSupposing that the human life becomes extinct, life continues through the various forms of nature that are in existence. Some of thinkers establish that life is granted by the universe and the human life is only subordinate to the life that is granted by the universe. The universe is the ultimate source of life that grants and issues life to all the forms of life in the world. Question SevenThe linguistic analogy, according to Cooper can be used to challenge the idea that life has to be meaningful all the way down. Our lives can have value even if our lives are not meaningful based on our guistic knowledge. The gusitic knowledge is the only means through which one can have moral stimulus that he or she can apply in responding to the various issues that he or she is facing in life. Making life to be useful is dependent on the human perception and the personal circumstances that one may be going through that further enables his to judge his or her circumstances in life. Often, many people consider life not to be valuable when he or she is facing death, a circumstance that is inevitable for all humans. Question eightIn Herland, Jeff Margrave has a negative attitude towards women. Jeff has a perception of women being idealized people, a belief that is far from reality. When Jeff falls in love with Celis, he insists on his ability of affording all her needs and further downgrades her as secondary partner in the competition. Question nineThe significance of education in Herland is used to demystify the backward belief that women are secondary members of the society. Education is defined as a means of a socialist economy that is used in running the economy of Herland. Question tenMethods of costal control are similar in the Herland societies as there is only one government policy that is applied across all societies. Socialism is the government ideal that is used in formulating the economic policies that are applied throughout the societies within Herland. Costorl control within Herland intends to ensure that all members of the members mutual benefit without granting some merchants unjustified profit levels. Question elevenHerland and Oceania differ on geopolitical aspects. The political system that is applied in Herland is communist where all people tend to be at par economically. However, the political system in Oceania tends to favor only the individuals with wealth at the detriment of those with low economic returns. Question twelveA member of Party in 1984 would understand the phrase war is peace based on the context to which the phrase is developed. War is peace is developed to bring out the understanding that war results in expression of differences in ideology that when solved, lead to peace in the society.

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