“Are you my mother” by Alison Bechdel

In this book Alison Bechdel is mostly trying to reach for that woman who is nevertheless really alive and who has a demanding, vulnerable, intellectual voice which is every bit as effective as that of hers.

Of course, this title happens to be the same with that of the famous P.D. Eastman children’s book, the place there is a baby bird which happened to have been separated at start from its mother, goes to look for her. This little bid is so naive and despairing in its quest of perceptive and connecting. Alison may seem a bit rigorous and systematic, however there are no great differences between their quests.

There seem to have some great craters amongst these pages separating the child from her mother. This is the part where the thwarted artist who said to her daughter who was seven-year-old that to be kissed good night was not for her as she was too old. However, their defective bond is too powerful, much more beautiful as well as completely worthy of the author’s divinely efforts which are very careful.

There is an appearance of people like DR. Seuss, Virginia Woolf, and several others  as Alison is trying to ponder the nature of the attachment of parent-child. But the main narrative thrust which happens to appear in this part concerns mainly her mother’s response which is troubled to Fun Home. This is still the part which makes her write a letter to Alison after going through an initial draft, saying that her daughter is breaking her life but grudgingly congratulates a part about her early work as an actress. There is some kind of sense which is coming up that Alison likes her mother as much as she loves her from whatever issues she has with her. There is an identifiable kind of affection when her mother is going through the pages while running her fingers over the fondly drawn pieces of their history. This part gives this book the kind of intimacy and perseverance that many books lack. In most cases, the flaw of most memoirs is that the author gets lost in a tunnel. It doesn’t matter whether it is the author lacks maturity or skill or at times humor. In this book either, the triumph with Alison doesn’t seem that she arose from her own tunnel, with fatigued but clear eyes, but she only came together with her mother.

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