American History - The Wright Brothers

Orville and Wilbur Wright: Pioneers in Aviation

Orville and Wilbur Wright were American pioneers in the aviation industry. They are generally credited with building the world's first motor-operated airplane. This article explores their lives, contributions to human history, and involvement in aerospace technology. Read on to learn more. Also, read about their homecoming celebration. Posted in American History

Wright brothers' contributions to human history

The Wright brothers are credited for making flight a reality. Born in Ohio, the two brothers grew up in a small town that was rapidly industrializing. The environment in which they grew up encouraged their curiosity and interest in science, engineering, and books. In fact, the Wright brothers' bookshelves were filled with ancient history, science, and literature. While their contributions to human history are often considered monumental, they should be remembered as individuals.

Wright brothers' first flight

The Wright brothers achieved their first flight on September 19, 1903. The plane was called the Flyer, and it was powered by a 12-horsepower gasoline engine. It had a 1:20 camber on its wings. Using wind tunnel data, the Wright brothers designed propellers that turned in opposite directions. They also used a chain-drive transmission. The Flyer had a 40-foot wingspan and weighed about 605 pounds. The Wrights returned to their camp building, which they had previously repaired, to complete the aircraft.

Wright brothers' involvement in aerospace technology

The Wright brothers developed a fascination with flight in their later years. After their father brought home a toy helicopter, they began reading about German glider pioneer Otto Lilienthal. News reports of Lilienthal's death inspired them to read more about aeronautics. Eventually, they tapped local libraries and wrote to the Smithsonian Institution for more aeronautical reading material. In the meantime, they continued to make progress on their project.

Wright brothers' homecoming celebration

The first anniversary of the Wright Brothers' homecoming celebration was celebrated in Dayton, Ohio on June 17-18, 1909. The event featured parades, concerts, fireworks, and receptions. It was attended by members of the state and U.S. Congress, as well as elementary school children dressed in patriotic clothing. The Wright brothers themselves returned to Dayton for the celebration, as well. The celebration was a great success, attracting a crowd of more than 50,000 people.

Wright brothers' debates with each other

The Wright brothers had many debates with each other and would often argue to the top of their lungs. Sometimes they would switch sides, and the other would argue the other's side. This allowed the brothers to learn from each other's points of view, and their creative arrogance evolved. But one thing is for certain - their debates with each other were very productive. Here are three examples of their debates with each other.

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