About Genogram

I did not quite understand the reason behind it when Dr. Keeping asked us to create a genogram and draw a family root.

I had the requisite details on my family health background, because I was mostly away from my family. As such, I called my mom and asked her about the prevalent health situation in the household. She gave me some details after talking to her for about an hour, but even then, I didn't find a connection. It was before I put the data on the board that they began to make some sense.

I started by putting the data on the legend and connecting people based on the data gathered from my mother.

I concentrated on things that were important to me such as abusive behaviors, drug addiction, and OCD depression. I connected people and the health problems like a puzzle and noticed that the above conditions were standard in my family. Although there is not enough evidence to prove that these things were passed on from our ancestors or they are acquired from the environment, I believe that genetics played a significant role in this case. A closer look at my chart will reveal that the problems that exist in the family are somehow shared. Even with this little evidence, I can see how I inherited some issues from my parents. Thank God I did not inherit abusive behaviors because I am always kind to people. I do not understand why people have such levels of anger. Personally, I usually get sad and frustrated but do not express these emotions in rage.

From my mother's side of the family, I noticed there is a history of OCD which explains why both my mom and my sister have the condition.

My sister has two boys. One is two years old, and the other one is four. One of them has diabetes, but when I look at both my mother's and father's side of the family, there is no history of the condition. However, after talking to her, she told me that her husband has diabetes.

It may look funny, but I plan to construct a genogram for the entire family so that when one of us meets someone to marry in the future, we can see all the connections.

Evidence shows that health and other behavioral problems can be inherited from an individual's ancestors. This is based on the fact that DNA has memory and we all live in similar environmental conditions.

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