About Food Dyes

Prior knowledge of food dyes and their usage

Prior to reading the essay, I was aware of the widespread usage of food dyes, which are artificial substances or chemicals used to change the color of modern meals. These synthetic colors can be found in a variety of products, including but not limited to yogurt, cake decorating tools, sweets, and psychedelic beverages.

Potential health hazards associated with food dyes

One of the new concepts that sprang to me after reading the paper was the existence of potential health hazards associated with the excessive use of food dyes. According to the report, while there are no conclusive answers on the impacts of food dyes, some of the potential health dangers include ADHD in children, organ damage, cancer, and allergic reactions (Strycharz). Another new idea that has extended my thinking is the fact that there are natural substitutes or rather alternatives to food dyes such as turmeric, beetroot extract, Carotene, and saffron among others.

Lack of comprehensive research and public awareness campaigns

One of the puzzles brought about by the article is why more research studies have not been conducted; hence, conclusive findings, given the rising numbers of cancer patients which is one of the potential health risks associated with excessive use of dyes. Moreover, another puzzle is why public awareness campaigns have not been initiated as well as why food dyes have not yet been banned in the US despite these chemicals being banned other countries. Moreover, food manufacturers have a corporate social responsibility; therefore, it is puzzling why most of them continue to use manufacture or rather use food dyes in their products.

Curiosity about the relationship between food dyes and health complications

Conclusively, what intrigues me most is the relationship that exists between the excessive use of food dyes and cancer, ADHD, organ damage, allergic reactions. Concerning this, I would like to learn more about how food dyes or the constituents of food dyes cause these health complications particularly cancer.

Work Cited

 Strycharz, K. “Artificial food dyes: risky business?” (2015). http://saferchemicals.org/2015/02/27/artificial-food-dyes-risky-business/

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