A Mother’s Love

I have never regretted being your guide, and I swear to always be by your side until the day I depart this earth.

There is nothing more wonderful than a mother's love. It is an everlasting gift, so persistent and actually existing love, please contemplate it if you ever need a lift.

I want you to know that I will think of you forever, that I miss your smooth touch every day, that my shining love will always be there for you, that I will make sure it always comes your way. The love of a mother never fails to care,A sweet fruit that feeds the soul and heart,however long I will continue waiting here,Not even loud distance can keep us apart.

My love is your gift its true, Like a sweet fragrance you’ll always get from me,As I witness your life go through,Even when you can’t see me.

Part 2

The poem I chose to write is about a mother confessing love to her son (daughter). The love that we experience from parents is a natural and true feeling that can easily be described. Since our mothers are usually expressive in the way the treat us (children), it was so easy to consider this the subject matter of the poem. Additionally, I have always thought of dedicating a love poem to my future children as a sign of adoration. This made the process of writing easy since I preferred the topic. The poem has been arranged in 5 stanzas with 4 lines each. Imagery has been considered to descriptively describe the love of a mother. In stanza 4, for instance, the speaker states, “A sweet fruit that feeds the soul and heart;” in this case, love is compared with a sweet fruit that is able to nourish the heart and soul.

The poem has utilized rhyme in every stanza. The reason for using this poetry element is to create musicality and rhythm and avoid a plain, boring poem. As one reads A Mother’s Love, he or she develops a pleasing effect which creates an enjoyable and recital experience. Moreover, readers develop the smoothing progress of memorization because of repetitive patterns throughout the poem chosen. The rhyme scheme utilized is ABAB in which rhyming words alternate through the lines. The first stanza can be used to explain the rhyme scheme:

I have never regretted being your guide, (A)Right from the day and time of your birth, (B)I promise to always be by your side, (A)Until that time I leave this earth. (B)

From the stanza, every verse has a rhyming word in every final syllable. Guide and side have similar sounds, same as birth and earth. This, therefore, creates ABAB scheming which can be observed in all the stanzas.

I found the poem easy to write presumably because of the topic I had chosen. It is easy for one to confess their feelings from the heart, and mother’s love towards the children is so natural, thus, simple to brainstorm. Additionally, it does not require effort to rhyme simple words like heart, love, and everyday feeling of attraction towards one’s children. Overall, I did not strain to compose the poem, I had to use simple words so that the audience gets a flow as they read.

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