why peole in the past were getting married more than millennials

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Marriage used to be a very holy and highly prioritized topic. People would marry and have children when they were still young and energetic. However, unlike previous generations, marriage rates for millennials are slowly decreasing. Most millennials marry at an advanced age, while some chose to live unmarried. Regardless of how good marriage is, millennials have excuses to remain unmarried. Any of the reasons why millennials are not marrying as often as previous generations are discussed below.
One factor millennials aren’t marrying is their urge to further their education. Most youths proceed to higher learning after high school, so marriage is not their priority but a degree. Having lived with parents who did not get a college education, most millennials have made education their priority leaving intimate relationships for later. Having satisfied one with the required education standards, most millennials want to practice and grow their career. Therefore, once they grab an opportunity, they are not likely to let it go just because they want to get married. Moreover, they feel that planning for a wedding and devoting time to a family is time-consuming and most of them are not ready to disrupt their work for this sake.
Divorce is another reason millennials are not getting married as much as people did in the past. It is very traumatic for children to witness their parents get divorced and this may make it difficult for these kids to believe that strong relationships can exist. Children who have lived with a divorced parent or witnessed broken homes seem to have connections problems with significant others later in their lives. They do not see the reason they should get married because they anticipate divorce issues. Additionally, they are not likely to buy the idea that marriage is the best relationship option for them, adding to the influx of millennials avoiding marriage. Financial instability is another reason Millennials are choosing to remain unmarried. With the high tuition fees and some loans youths take when in college, most of them are bare a lot of debts. With such burdens, most millennials avoid marriage because it may end up adding to the costs for which they can hardly cater. Moreover, they are not ready to take responsibility for a spouse and kids with the financial insecurity they experience.
Laws imposed on marriage are also obstacles to marriage options among the millennials. For instance, in the event of a divorce, assets are divided equally even if the property belonged to one of them before marriage. Millennials therefore, do not feel right about having to share what they have worked hard for with another person suppose their marriage fails. Moreover, when people get married, they are obliged to share their spouse’s debts even if one had nothing to do with the credits. Therefore, most millennials tend to avoid marriage to prevent such financial crises.
From the above discussion, it is evident that millennials have valid reasons to marry later or even remain unmarried. However, it is worth taking into consideration that despite its difficulties, marriage is critical to people because it gives a person, an opportunity to serve their spouse and children. Additionally, marriage creates a bond between two people as they begin a family and raise their children. Nevertheless, marriage can be important to some people but less relevant to others and therefore, millennials should not be criticized for whatever choice they make provided that they are happy and satisfied with their choices.

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