What is a Street Beggar?

A street beggar is a person who begs for alms in public. They are seen in cities and towns all over the world. Some of them are blind, dumb, lame or handicapped.

Some people say that you should not give money to street beggars. They say that giving enables them and encourages them to keep begging, rather than looking for real help. They also say that if you give money to these people, they might spend it on drugs.

The plight of street beggars is an issue of great concern for many people. Some progressive cities are trying to address the reasons why so many people beg for money, instead of just enforcing laws against it. Other progressive cities are offering paid work to panhandlers, or other forms of social support and accommodation.

Beggars are often found in crowded places, such as train stations, bus stands, public squares and over bridges. Some are even a part of a local community and live in their own homes, while others move frequently to different areas in search of better living conditions.

Some beggars are even considered to be criminals by police. Some of them are known to rob people while on the streets.

In Lagos, for example, beggars are believed to be a major menace to the city's residents and visitors. The Babajide Sanwo-Olu administration has set up a special team to tackle this problem.

These teams are made up of officials from the Ministry of Youth and Social Development, the Lagos State Police Command, and the Federal Road Safety Commission. The team was established in July last year to ensure the elimination of this social menace.

However, some of these agencies are only making a token effort in addressing the issue. A report by human rights campaigners in Liverpool, for instance, said that the PSPOs (Public Spaces Protection Orders) used in some cities to ban street begging were only being used to criminalise people rather than solve their problems.

While most beggars are not criminals, some are tempted to rob people who look at them or offer them money. They can be very dangerous and may also have mental health issues, so it is important to always be cautious when around them.

Some reputable NGOs provide shelter and food to the homeless. You can also volunteer your time to help those in need.

In New Mexico, for example, Mayor Richard Berry has launched a programme called There's a Better Way to help street dwellers find jobs and other ways to support themselves. He has also started a program that pays people to pick up litter and weed flowerbeds in neighborhoods.

The plight of street children is another big problem. Some of them are left on the streets to grow up without proper education or guidance. This can have long-lasting consequences. Some of them become addicted to drugs and alcohol, or end up homeless as adults.

Ultimately, the best answer to the plight of street children is to care for them and love them. The Bible says that God loves all children, and this should be our priority in helping them. We can do this by providing them with the resources they need and by focusing on the things that matter most to them - love, family, and a sense of belonging.

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