What Are Feed Additives?

Types of Feed Additives

There are several types of feed additives. These include enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics, antioxidants, and antibiotic growth promoters. Their main purpose is to improve the digestibility of bound nutrients and animal gut health. Some also aim to improve the quality of the animal's food by decreasing nutrient loss.

Animal Feed

Animal feed is the food that domestic and livestock animals are given as part of animal husbandry. There are two main types of feed: fodder and forage. Fodder is used most often. Grass is another type of feed used by livestock. These types of feeds provide the animals with nutrients necessary for growth and reproduction.

Animal feeds often contain plant-based products, rendered animal products, and animal waste. They may also contain antibiotics, organoarsenicals, and other contaminants that pose risks to human health.


Choosing the correct ingredients for compound feed formulations is essential. You need to consider the raw materials available in your local area, as well as the costs of each of these ingredients per unit at your farm. You also need to take into account the dietary requirements of your animal species. The type of feed that you will make depends on these factors.

Feeds are important for the growth and nutrition of animals, especially for human consumption. Typically, they are made from a variety of ingredients and components that satisfy the nutritional requirements of the animal. The formulations of these ingredients can vary widely, so determining the optimal blend can be difficult. However, a linear programming problem can help you determine which ingredients will provide the most value for your feed.


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To add an RSS feed, navigate to the Add/Edit RSS Sources subpage and click Add/Edit RSS Source. The Configuration tab contains information about the source, its content, and its parameters. The name of your source cannot be changed once it is saved, so be sure to use letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores. If you'd like to specify a web address, make sure that it's in file:/// , http:// , or https:// format.

Human Health Impacts

Food and feed have many impacts on human health. Some are physical, others are mental. Some of these effects are a result of unhealthy diets. These can lead to a range of serious health issues, including obesity, micronutrient deficiencies, stunting, wasting, communicable diseases, and mental illnesses. Other impacts occur from the large-scale use of antibiotics in agriculture. This practice can lead to antimicrobial resistant bacteria, which can move from farm to human through food and airborne dust. These bacteria can also be found in drinking water from raw and treated sources.

In order to address these issues, governments and other stakeholders should focus on creating policies that align ecosystem, animal, and human health. This includes aligning policies that address the root causes of ill health and improve the conditions for good health. In addition, governments, civil society organizations, and investors should identify interventions that can improve human and ecosystem health. These interventions should deliver health through multiple impact pathways, such as animal nutrition, dietary quality, and health outcomes.

Recommendations for Improving Organic Production in the UK

Organic production can make a significant contribution to providing for a growing world population, but it cannot be implemented in isolation. It needs to be integrated into a wider food system that takes into account animal feeding rations, food wastage, and other issues. Furthermore, it is impractical to convert all agricultural land to organic production in a single step.

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