Types of Rhyme and How to Use Them Creatively in Songwriting


Rhyme is a pattern of similar sounds in the stressed final syllables of two or more words. It is often used for aesthetic and musical effects. Using rhyme correctly can help your writing sound better. Read on to learn about the various types of rhyme. You can also learn more about meter and assonance.

Poetry meter

Poetry meter is a system used to create rhythmic lines of poetry. It allows the poet to choose a meter that suits the content of a poem and to guide the reader through the poem. Poetry meter is defined by stress patterns in groups of two or three syllables. There are different types of meter, such as iambic pentameter, which consists of five iambs per line.

Types of rhyme

Rhymes are an important part of many songs and poems, and there are many types of rhyme. This article describes the different types of rhyme and how they can be used creatively in songwriting.


Assonance in poetry is a way to connect words to one another. This poetic device is used to create a rhythm when a poem is read. Examples of assonance include: hop-scotch, crying time, great flakes, and between trees.


Consonance in rhyme is a literary device in which repeated sounds have similar or identical consonants but differ in vowel sounds. Consonance is considered the counterpart to assonance, which is the use of similar sounds that are pronounced differently.

Mind rhyme

Subverted rhyme, also known as mind rhyme, occurs when words are paired without the expected rhyme. This type of rhyme can substitute a word for the one that is expected.

Tail rhyme

Tail rhymes are a family of stanzaic verse forms. They were used during the Middle Ages in English poetry and probably originated from medieval Latin versification.

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