The Potential Benefits of Genetic Engineering

As a result of rearranging the genetic material of living organisms, Genetics Engineering is defined as the science of creating new life forms. Furthermore, through this research, current life forms can be modified. The basic unit of a cell that is passed down from generation to generation and still maintains the original character of the cell is a gene from which genetic engineering is obtained. (Colander 27 and Hunt)
With genetic modification, the human generation stands to profit most. Parents may recognise defects in the unborn fetus and therefore take steps to control or even remove them. It will also be possible to transplant an egg from one woman to another. When this is made possible fertile women with issues in their uterus, will have babies of their own but carried by other women. Lastly, it will also be possible to change the characteristics of both an egg and a sperm before fertilization, removing the undesired qualities and retaining only the desired and best qualities. Eventually, a generation with the best and strongest qualities will be sired. (Hunt and Colander 28)

Genetic engineering will also be done in plants and also in animals. With plants, it will be possible to improve the quality and also the quantity of grains to be produced. A resulting benefit will be the production of even more food at a lesser cost to feed large populations. Hunger will be a thing of the past. (Hunt and Colander 34,)

With animals, cloning of the extinct types will be done to restore these species. Any extinct species with stronger survival characteristics will be restored as desired. If the scientists succeed, then the world would be a place filled with stronger and better humans, plants and animals. (Hunt and Colander 60).

Works Cited

Hunt, Elgin F, and David C Colander. Social Science: An Introduction to The Study of Society. 15th ed., Abingdon, United Kingdom, Routledge, 2013.

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