The Most Important Era in the History of Chinese Youth

Characteristics of Mainlander Colonialism

Characteristics of mainlander colonialism are depicted by Manthorpe as one that was based on murder and personal interest of the ruling class. Reward of Chen Yi by governorship of Taiwan sees him exercise authoritarian rule until his execution in an attempt to side with Communists that were about to overthrow him. Chiang then relocates to Taiwan where he starts economic progress and land reforms through assistance by the US whose motive was to use Taiwan as an ideal spot to watch over the Communist and Soviet Unions. Chiang also starts massacre based on fear from those who dared question his leadership and call for democracy. Chiang is then succeeded by his son who paves way for reforms that brings about Taiwan rebirth after Taiwan’s native Lee Teng-hui succeeds. What am not getting from this article is what made Chiang Ching-kuo have a change of heart to come up with reforms having been a murderous executioner.

The Dates Chinese (Taiwanese and Mainland) Youth see as the Most Important in Chinese Modern History

The Taiwanese and the mainland youths in one accord consider the 1911 Revolution as a remarkable era in their modern history after the ending of the Western humiliation. This era was marked by Sun Yat-sen commitment in seeing a united China. However, after his death, the attempt to unite Taiwan and the mainland China has been based on mistrust from people on either side. They are both willing to unite but Taiwanese feel they will lose their sense as a nation. The ambiguous point here that needs clarity is the cause of the inborn hatred that has been hampering the call for their unity. There is no place showing the actual cause of mistrust between both sides since they both seem to have undergone through the same mistreatment by the West and the Chinese Civil War.

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