Essay On the Meaning Of Life

Life, as we know it, is the time period between birth and death. I believe that life will have value if one gets to know one maker. A person cannot know why they were born until they have knowledge of the creator, rendering existence worthless because they would not fulfill their destiny or intent. Knowing the creator, on the other hand, allows us to truly understand themselves by recognizing the intent of their existence, giving life meaning. The inevitable end so many people face in death makes us wonder if life has meaning. As a result, many people have begun to wonder why they survive in the first place, despite the fact that they are destined to die. Many are of the belief that death makes life meaningless since it brings an end to what one has accomplished in their life. However, I differ with this assertion since I believe that death is not an end in itself.

John Nottingham would agree with my assertion since he was of the belief that for life to be meaningful, our endeavors ought to be successful, and only God has the ability to order reality in a way that will make our efforts to be a success. William Paley would also support my assertion as he believed that an intelligent designer was responsible for the creation of the universe. Paley used the watchmaker analogy to imply that such an intelligent design implied the existence of a designer since it could not just exist on itself. However, W.K. Clifford would oppose because according to him, it is wrong to believe anything on evidence that was not sufficient. In response to this opposing argument, I can argue that there is really no evidence for anything since what is true to one person can be false to another. Furthermore, the physical things we see which one can call evidence all die and decay, revealing that they are not true since if they were, they would have stood forever.

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