The Emergence of a New Form of Racism in America

Although the US has had significant progress towards the abolition of racism through its policies and laws, there is an emerging challenge of institutionalized racism, which is a major contemporary social issue in America.

Themes that will apply to the analysis of the thesis statement

America has failed to address institutionalized racism successfully. Currently, the perceptions of blatant racism have shifted course, and people no longer consider color as the basis of racism. However, a section of Americans, especially from minority groups, have access to fewer opportunities for self-advancement promoted by reasons such as their geographical location. Bonilla-Silva and David argue that “A mythology that emerged in post-civil rights America has become accepted dogma among whites with the election of Barack Obama: the idea that race is no longer a central factor determining the life chances of Americans” (191). The assertion is a myth because it is not a factual reflection of the state of affairs in contemporary America where Whites comparatively have access to opportunities compare to Blacks and Hispanics.

Besides the concern of institutional racism, cultural racism has emerged as a serious challenge in post-civil rights America. While attempting to move away from blatant racism, cultural racism does not label minority groups in the country as inferior biologically. Bonilla-Silva and David suggest that cultural racism “biologizes their presumed cultural practices (i.e., presents them as fixed features) and uses that as the rationale for justifying racial inequality” (193). Another challenge is anti-Muslim racism in America that has escalated with the intensified war on terror after the 9/11 attack. Rana notes that “In the U.S. War on Terror, the Muslim is being incorporated into a racial formation” (48). The new form of racism has been a challenging social issue so far because policies dealing with racism do not address the problem effectively.

My original perspective and take on the major themes discussed in the paper

The two themes indicate the emergence of a new form of racism in America and the fact that it has been challenging to address. While people do not discriminate against others openly, subtle racism has diverted the attention of the public and government from striving to attain equality because of the perception that racism is no longer a problem.

Works Cited

Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo, and David Dietrich. "The sweet enchantment of color-blind racism in Obamerica." The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 634.1 (2011): 190-206.

Rana, Junaid. "Terrifying Muslims: Race and labor in the South Asian diaspora." Durham: Duke University Press, 2011.

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