Symptoms of Narcissism

Narcissists do not care about other people's feelings and seek only obedient admirers. If you fall in love with a narcissist, you will be treated just like the narcissist. Here are the symptoms of narcissism and some ways to help you detect a narcissist. You will feel slighted and insecure around this person. Defining narcissism
Understanding how narcissists treat others is crucial to recognizing this behavior. Narcissists do not care about other people's needs, and they will expect others to conform to their wishes and desires without any thought or effort on their part. They will also exaggerate their accomplishments, lying about their talents, and making themselves seem like the center of the universe. These behaviors can lead to confrontations, aggressive behavior, or even rage if the narcissist perceives them as being threatened. Although the word narcissism may sound like self-love, it has a negative connotation. A more accurate description is narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which is the condition of having an idealized self-image and avoiding deep feelings of insecurity. Such an idealized self-image is often accompanied by dysfunctional behaviors, which keep it from disintegrating. Characteristics
Narcissists place themselves at the center of their world, and are unafraid to criticize others. They often act with aggression and vengeance if their strategies fail. Their obsession with external appearances leads them to overestimate their own worth. They may also exhibit a host of other narcissistic behaviors, including excessive work and excessive consumption. In fact, these traits are all symptomatic of a more severe problem. A narcissist is quick to point out others' shortcomings, while failing to acknowledge their own. This type of person seeks attention and reaffirmation. When relationships are less than special, they tend to withdraw. Narcissists are also prone to overcommunicate and struggle to set boundaries. They are often abusive if they are challenged, and their ego is too strong to handle the challenges that come their way. Treatment
Narcissistic people are known for their highly inflated sense of self. Their only concern is themselves and they tend to act in an arrogant manner when they feel hurt. Narcissists don't take criticism well and they often try to manipulate other people. Because of their fragile self-esteem, they may be insensitive to others' feelings and have a hard time relating to people. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat narcissists and prevent their deterioration. The main cause of narcissism is a culturally influenced childhood environment, which may have caused the narcissistic behavior. Children of narcissists have little empathy for themselves, and they fear rejection and isolation. They often tend to embellish their image, their skills, and their accomplishments in order to increase their own esteem. Eventually, these children develop an artificial self and rely on others for approval. Prevention
Identifying and addressing narcissistic behavior is a good first step in prevention. While narcissists are usually resistant to change, it's important to remember that you can't continue to live in this situation indefinitely. Instead, look for meaningful activity outside the relationship, such as volunteering or a hobby. Find activities where you can use your talents and make a positive contribution. People with narcissism are rarely alone. They tend to be social animals. They are constantly surrounded by others and need to communicate their ideas and views. Narcissists are deeply unhappy when they are not able to give back to those around them. If they feel threatened, they are likely to show extreme rage and become irrational. Narcissists also often steal ideas from other people, so it's important to avoid these situations.

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