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Mrs. Linde and Torvat Helmer are the primary sources of contention because of their social and economic standing. Mrs. Linde’s economic condition creates a love rivalry between her and Krogstad. She ought to marry a wealthy man in order to support her mother and two husbands. Torvat Helmert caused a schism in his family. His indigence compelled his wife, Nora, to borrow money. When Torvat discovered the money, it led to their divorce.
Doctor Rank and Torvald learn who they are, which leads to confrontation. Nora wishes to reveal her little secret to Dr. Rank in order for him to help her out. However, Doctor Rank express his emotion of love to Nora. This makes Nora hesitate to tell her. If Nora had expressed herself, the issue of the conflict between her and Krogstad would have been solved. When Torvat discovers that he was wrong about Nora’s way of money expenditure, he gets furious and insults her. He could not believe that it’s Nora who paid for their trip.

Morality and conscience

Doctor Rank have a compromised integrity. He shows emotion for a woman who is married. He does not respect the fact that Nora is married. This makes Nora reconsider to leave his husband through giving him the letter written by Krogstad indicating she committed fraud by faking signature. Krogstad shows no morarity when he uses blackmail to ask for a promotion. This causes conflict between Nora and her husband.


The females in the play sacrifice for their families purposes. Nora and Mrs linde have shown this trait. However, the trait resulted in conflict. Mrs linde leaves her true love for the sake of her sick mother. Mrs. Linde covers for her friend’s secret. The menfolk in the play are affected by their poor financial situations. Torvat and Krogstad have their married affected by their financial situation.

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