Sexual Assaults

Sexual assault is one of the most hazardous crimes that a person can encounter. Sexual assault is made worse not by the bodily injury but the psychological and medical outcomes that come after. Victims of sexual assault are more likely to develop depression, delinquent behavior, low self-esteem, and even commit suicide in extreme cases. Consequently, perpetrators of sex offenses should now not be handled like other criminals, and their punishments should be harsher. The principal aim of this essay is to demonstrate that sexual offenses have a greater impact on the victims compared to other offenses, and such criminals should be punished severely.

Sex offenders

First, sex offenders target the vulnerable people who are convenient to harm and possibly get away with the crime. For instance, most sexual offenses are reported among women and young children, especially those who cannot protect themselves or have someone to protect them. Attacking an innocent, defenseless person is an act of cruelty and is totally inhumane. Furthermore, the effects of sex offenses last for a very long time, and it is highly unlikely that a person can fully recover from the experience. In the case of young children and other vulnerable individuals, sexual offenses can cause extensive damage to their self-image, preventing them from achieving their full potential. As such, a sex offender does not deserve to live happily as they destroy the entire lives of their victims.

Sex offenders should be completely isolated from society, to make them understand the effects of their actions on their victims. Survivors, particularly adults, feel that they are unworthy of being loved by others as they feel tainted or destroyed. As such, they usually avoid all manner of social contact as they fear that if they disclose their experiences, they may face more stigmatization or their families may shun them altogether (Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, p.2). Given these circumstances, sex offenders should be given the harshest punishment as they clearly deserve it.

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