Regulating Protests

Whether protests should be regulated or not

Whether protests should be regulated or not has remained to be a controversial subject. A section of the population believes that protests gets into the freeways and obstructs public spaces. Therefore, it makes the movement of other people who are not protesting difficult. Others believe that protests are protected under the law, and it is the only way people can express themselves (Nick 1). As a result, regulating it amounts to the interference of one's constitutional rights. While protests are allowed by the constitution and the Bill of Rights, it should be regulated because protesters may infringe other people’s rights by blocking public spaces or interfering with their businesses; therefore the non-protesters may not gain access to public premises because pathways are blocked by the protesters.

Disruptive protests may result in chaos

First, disruptive protests may result in chaos that may rapidly and easily turn into riots. For instance, there are certain protests that may lead to the shutdown of towns because there is a lot of fireworks, smoke bombs as well as broken bottles that may put to risk the lives of those who are not protesting. Also, the chaotic protest may lead to the injury of police officers. The reason being some of the dominators throw rocks. Overall, the protest may sometimes become violent and may not be easily controlled (Nick 2). Also, deaths may arise because, of unregulated protest, other people or criminals may take advantages so they can advance their ill motives. Therefore, regulated protests will define how, where and when the protest in being conducted.

The opposition to the regulation of protests

On the contrary, those who are opposed to regulation of protests argue that regulating it will amount to the interferences with the freedom of free speech and expression. However, the freedom of free speech should not interfere with other people’s rights. Indeed, some protest leads to blockage of free pathways, closing of airport entrance and the general access to public areas. For instance, one’s right may be interfered with if he/she cannot gain access to public paces such hospitals or government offices because the pathways are blocked (Nick 2). The implication is that their rights will have been interfered with by the protesters. Similarly, if the major business streets are closed, then the business people will have to close down if the protests become chaotic. This means that the business people will incur some losses. Therefore, regulating protest will take care of the areas in which protests would be conducted so other people may enjoy their rights as well. Much as the government should allow the protesters to enjoy their constitutional right, there is need to regulate it to prevent injuries and loss of lives.

In summary

In summary, despite the fact that the right to protest proceeds under the law, it is important to note that other people’s rights should also be taken into consideration. A chaotic and violent protest has led to injuries of both the police officers and the non-protesters. Some protests may lead to blockage of significant pathways thereby making the rest of the people unable to access public premises such hospitals. This may breach the rights of other people whose business are activities are inferred with. Overall, protests should be regulated to prevent violent actions and injuries.

Work Cited

Nick Zerwas “Should protest be more strictly regulated?" (State Representative, Minnesota) In CQ Researcher, (2018).

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