Jesse Owens - American Athlete

Jesse Owens is a name that's familiar to fans of track and field. He was an American athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics. He was a World record holder and Olympic champion. He was also a runner for the New York Mets.James "Jesse" Owens
The American track and field athlete James "Jesse" Owens won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics. He was regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time. His achievements are still celebrated today. You can learn more about him by visiting the James "Jesse" Owens museum in Washington, D.C.Jesse Owens was born in Oakville, Alabama in 1913. He later moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and attended the Fairmont Junior High School. While there, he began to develop his athletic skills. He later went to East Technical School, where he broke records in the 100-yard and 200-yard dash. After he completed high school, he was accepted to Ohio State University.Jesse Owens worked in various jobs while at school. He held various menial jobs, including grocery delivery, shoe repair, and freight car loading. During this time, he realized his love for running. He attributed the success of his athletic career to Charles Riley, a junior high school track coach. Riley gave Owens the opportunity to practice in the mornings before school.Olympic champion
Olympic champion Jesse Owens has many accomplishments to his name, including breaking several world records. In 1935, he set the world record for the long jump with a leap of 8.13 meters (26 ft 8 inches). Although he suffered from a sore back, Owens persuaded his coach to let him run the 100 meter as a test for his back. He finished in 9.4 seconds, tying the record. Owens also set three other world records during his career.In his youth, Owens struggled to make ends meet. He worked odd jobs to support himself. However, his talent for running soon showed itself. He started working with a local track coach, Charles Riley, while attending Fairmount Junior High School. Riley was Owens' greatest mentor and helped him break countless records.World record holder
Jesse Owens, the world record holder in the 100-yard dash, was born in 1913 in Alabama. He went on to attend Ohio State University and became one of the greatest athletes in history. His achievement in the Berlin Olympics was astounding. In just 45 minutes, he broke four world records and tied a fifth. His feats included setting the world record in the 100-yard dash, the world record in the 200-yard dash, and the world record in the 220-yard hurdles. In addition, he traveled to Nazi Germany with three hundred and fifty other American athletes, including seventeen African Americans.The four-time Olympic champion and world record holder, Michael Johnson, described Owens' feat as "one of the greatest feats in any sport." In the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Owens won four gold medals, including the 200-meter and 400-meter medley relay. He was the only athlete to win both events.Runner for the Mets
When Jesse Owens was a child, he worked a variety of menial jobs, including grocery delivery, loading freight cars, and running a shoe repair shop. During this time, he discovered a love for running. At an early age, he started practicing running before school and became an excellent runner. He credited his success as an athlete to the mentor and coach Charles Riley, who was his junior high school track coach.In the early 1940s, Owens joined the Ford Motor Company as an Assistant Personnel Director and was later promoted to Director. In 1965, he was hired as a running instructor for the New York Mets, and in 1967 he was named Goodwill Ambassador of the United States.Smoker
Jesse Owens became addicted to cigarettes around the age of 32 and died from lung cancer in 1980. It is not clear what led to his smoking habit, but it's possible that he was a smoker during his career. His story was portrayed in the movie RACE. He was not the only famous athlete who smoked.Jesse Owens had a hard life. He was a pack-a-day smoker, and had been since he was a child. He had a bad health history, and even filed for bankruptcy once. He also was prosecuted for tax evasion. Despite the fact that he had a terrible health history, Owens continued smoking, and eventually died of lung cancer.

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