History of Simon Bolivar

History of Simon Bolivar focuses on a military leader who led the country of Venezuela to independence from the Spanish Empire. Bolivar was also known as 'El Libertador,' or Liberator of America. He became a national hero after his successful confederation plans for Hispanic American countries. His ideas influenced the world, and many countries today claim that their independence is due to Bolivar. However, there is much more to the man than meets the eye.History of Simon Bolivar
The life and times of Simón José Antonio de la Santsima Trinidad Bolvar y Palacios are well-known to many Latin Americans. His achievements paved the way for independent countries such as Venezuela and Bolivia. Bolvar, or El Libertador as he is also known, helped lead the nations to independence from the Spanish Empire. In honor of his contribution to Latin American independence, he is often remembered as the "Legiontador" of America.Born in Venezuela, Simon Bolivar was an important military and statesman during the Latin American Wars of Independence. He fought against the Spanish and won independence for six countries. Known as the "George Washington of South America", he died on December 17, 1830 in Colombia. But his story is not without tragedy. The death of his wife in 1830, who was Bolivar's closest companion, changed the course of his life forever.Internationalism
The political ideas of Simon Bolivar can be traced back to the times of Napoleon. His first trip to Europe was to see Napoleon's coronation in Paris. He became convinced that Latin America lacked a strong leader. He was also concerned that the people of his region did not have the education or the strength to defend themselves. With his vision of a free, independent, and unified South America, Bolivar fought for its liberation.One of the main concerns of Bolivar was the possibility of a race and color war. He believed that a united Venezuela and New Granada would bring stability, limit caudilto control, and earn respect from the British. He hoped that by uniting these states, the British would recognize the new countries as the greatest league on earth. However, it turned out that he did not think these goals could be realized.Plans for confederation of Hispanic American countries
The Hispanic Confederation has political parties, big corporations, and a prosperous stock market. Its borders span over 2,500,000 square miles, and it has six federal states, each with their own laws, population, and economy plans. Plans for a confederation of Hispanic American countries are in the works, and Adela's government has given the United States approximately 100,000 dollars to cover debts.The UCoN and Hispanic Confederation had several objectives, among which was to form a unified political force. The confederation was to include all nations of Latin America, including Portuguese-speaking Brazil. However, the United States did not attend the Lima conference, and the plan was not ratified. It was never fully realized, as the United States and France were preoccupied with their own territorial disputes.

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