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about realism

Close life fiction is referred to as realism. It is an accurate portrayal of verisimilitude. In literature, a realistic novel puts a strong focus on accurate portrayal of the actual setting. In general, the realist is a pragmatist, and the truth he tries to explore and convey is a relativistic...

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american thought landscape

Ideally, the essay seeks to highlight the fact that politics and pragmatism can be fully linked without considering the many fields where political studies and pragmatism converge. The essay discusses the relationship between pragmatism and democratic philosophy, as well as pragmatism s effect on the scientific study of politics. Additionally,...

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A state needs a leader who is based on virtue.

For peace and order to exist in a state, a leader who relies on virtue to govern his followers is required. According to Hobbes, man's natural state is a constant war of one man against another. He claims that there is a natural way to define the laws and virtues that...

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Democracy and Education in Dewey's Thinking

The Key Goal of John Dewey's Educational Theory The key goal of John Dewey's educational theory was to emphasize the importance of incorporating a realistic approach into the teaching and evaluation process. This will ensure that students not only had a theoretical understanding of the subject, but also had the capacity...

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