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King Lear and Realism in Literature

William Shakespeare is one the leading playwrights. Although the literary world has witnessed the emergence of new playwrights, Shakespeare’s’ foundation has been essential in shaping drama. In most of his plays, Shakespeare focused on romantic and tragic plays. However, it is not easy for the audience to find a connection...

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Analysis of King Lear by William Shakespeare

Similar to most of Shakespeare’s tragedies, King Lear is another complex masterpiece with dramatic works which function on a variety of levels. Therefore, the play can be approached from different critical perspectives to enhance its interpretation (Snyder, 70). It depicts a slow descent into insanity of an aging King Lear...

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King Lear's epilogue and the nature of tragedy

Tragedies are various types of misfortunes or catastrophes that are typically referred to as tragedies. Therefore, for such events to happen, a string of violent events like interpersonal disputes must take place. This knowledge and Aristotle's definition lead us to the conclusion that tragedy is a creative work with a...

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William Shakespeare'

Responsibility is an intrinsic component of social life that applies in certain situations because, as individuals, everyone is required to be responsible for a specific role in their authority. As a result, duty is defined as the totality of the responsibilities that come with occupying a specific role (Bivin). As...

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King Lear Literary Essay

King Lear is one of Shakespeare's most popular novels, in which he tries to portray society's dire circumstances. He also demonstrates that, amidst all of society's tragedies, a hero emerges who overcomes all odds to emerge as a powerful leader and character. King Lear is portrayed as a tragic hero...

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