Fans in American football

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Introduction Background: American soccer is one of the rising sports that are attracting hundreds of thousands of followers into various stadia across the states. The National Football League has been growing this game to rival other well established competitions like basketball. The magnitude of the fans in growing this sport can’t be underrated as they participate in popularizing the game. However, a close look into the conduct of the fans will reveal that they exhibit one of a kind personalities in their support of a team or the football at large. Among the most awesome categories of fans are the diehards, loudmouths and band wagoners.
Thesis Statement: While all fans are important to the growth of football as the signature sport in America, the diehard fans provide the most enjoyable company to attend a football match with compared to the loudmouths and bandwagoners.

Body Paragraphs

Die-hard Fans

Characteristic 1: Watch almost every game where their team is playing. They are extremely loyal.

Example: These fans can forego an important family event, or take leave from work to attend a football match or watch it on television.

Characteristic 2: Own various team paraphernalia in large quantities

Example: Can be seen dressed in team regalia, unique colour pants, shoes with different colour almost all year round

Characteristic 3: Possess a substantial understanding of the game

Example: The fans understand how the opponents play, their strong areas and the football players that are crucial to their team success.

Loudmouth Fans

Characteristic 1: Expresses opinion about everything thing while feeling that the opinions of others do not matter.

Example: These fans can be heard arguing who is best at playing in various positions and care less about dissenting opinions.

Characteristic 2: The fans readily smack talk the rival fans without justified reasons

Example: Chanting of rude comments to rival fans even when the opposing rivals are not keen in returning the smacks. They enjoy taunting rival fans than the game itself.

Characteristic 3: These are detestable fans willing to pick fights and arguments

Example: These fans often talk so much until they lose a match, when they quietly retreat. They can easily fight at the heat of the moment.


Characteristic 1: Like being part of the fandom

Example: The fans want to be part of a popular football team and hence buy a few merchandise of the team to be seen like they indeed support the team like die-hards.

Characteristic 2: Are often deceitful

Example: May seem to have substantial quantities of team paraphernalia, but lack fundamental facts about the team like the current players.

Characteristic 3: Lack basic understanding of the game

Example: These are the players that can be heard asking some questions considered basic of any fan during games and yet they behave like they understand the football.


The American football is graced by different categories of fans with divergent behaviours. These fans are crucial in growing the sport to rival other established sports in the country. The die-hard fan is the most loyal, dedicated fan with a substantive understanding of the game. On the contrary, the loud mouth is keen on taunting rival fans as opposed to enjoying the thrill of football and the bandwagoner only seeks to be part of fandom. The die-hard fans are sure to provide the best atmosphere to a football match and it is enjoyable to accompany them to a match as opposed to the two other categories discussed.

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