Description Paper: Vegetable pizza

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Vegetable pizza, as the identify suggests, is defined by the substances used. They are prepared in different varieties using a variety of greens to the attractiveness and satisfaction of the consumers. The species used offers the pizza both the taste and aroma for less complicated distinction. Most of these vegetables are found in the toppings of the pizzas. However, the approach for preparation of the pizza is similar to the others, however there are adjustments to the recipe.
My Favorite Food: Vegetable Pizza
Vegetable pizza holds a precious vicinity in my hungry heart. It is the epitome of a perfect snack as it combines different sparkling vegetables with a crispy crust that is always drenched underneath a mountain of melty cheese and savory sauce. The pizza has an attractive aroma and endless array of various toppings. It is one of my convenient, delicious meals. The vegetables make the pizza very healthy as compared to the other types. They contain antioxidants that protect the body against the formation of cancerous cells. For instance, tomatoes that are used have a lot of lycopene that is known to be an antioxidant compound. My drive towards the vegetable pizza is also the fact that it makes me feel energized and healthy. It is the only opportunity I get to eat a single meal with optimal nourishment on a daily basis. I find pleasure in chewing the vegetables and enjoy their delicious flavors as well as the unique aromas

The loading of various vegetables in the pizza is one of the ways that improve my intake of essential vitamins. The pizza excites me because I do not have to fight with the challenges of excessive weight gain associated with most fast foods. Vegetable pizzas give one the option of a variety of species of vegetables to be incorporated. These include broccoli, Brussel sprouts, red peppers, and onions. A mixture of vegetables that is mixed with olive oil is my favorite because of its attractive aroma and sparkling look.

There are numerous pizza flavors, and the preference depends on the buyers. My favorite vegetable pizza is the Mexican Green Wave. I identify with this pizza because of its unique taste and aroma. The pizzas look breathtakingly beautiful. Besides, it is loaded with crispy capsicum, jalapeno, juicy tomato, and crunchy onions. The pizza is made appealing by the sprinkle of the Mexican herbs at the top layer. The fun and creativity of vegetable pizzas come in the toppings where you find the classic combinations of the different varieties of vegetables to the choice of the consumer. These may include other additions such as cheese cream and the whole wheat crust that provides a base for the pizza which is nutritious and nourishing. The garlic dressings leave me appetizing for more.


Vegetable pizza is always a hit and the ultimate food for the party. It is one of the easiest and tastiest way for people to eat healthy and nutritious diet full of vegetables and fruits. These help people by strengthening their immunity and the significant reduction of many diseases risks. The tastes mainly depend on the recipe applied and the mixture of vegetables used. Most of the vegetable pizzas are made appealing by their strong aroma and the colorful top representing a rainbow of crunchy vegetables. Most often, the pizza works well with finely chopped vegetables.


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