Book Report: What advice do you think is most relevant from Justice Sotomayor

The recommendation from Justice Sotomayor

The recommendation that I think is most relevant from Justice Sotomayor is that "You have to work harder". This phrase is very applicable in actual life. This is because some individuals take advantage of social training or their backgrounds and fail to work hard enough. An example is students who come from prosperous families. Most of them are arrogant and feel comfortable due to the fact their parents have the ability to provide them with something they want. They live in a world of comfort and tend to neglect that they need to work hard to get their own wealth.

The recommendation can motivate people who have grown up in humble backgrounds like Justice Sotomayor. It encourages them that if they consistently work hard, they have the opportunity of transforming their lives by getting whatever they desire. By working hard, they can prove the people who look down upon them wrong. This can be done if they discover what they want to achieve in life and they work hard and consistently to achieve it.

Working harder to overcome societal barriers

The phrase "You have to work harder" can be used to advise people who are looked down upon because they belong to a group that is considered a minority group. Working harder can make them get opportunities that members of their group can get rarely. An example is the situation of Justice Sotomayor. She was a Latino and their group was considered as a low one in the society especially by the whites. Working hard can help a person reach levels that are meant for members belonging to the majority group and this can prove them wrong.

Barriers and obstacles for learners from middle class and poor backgrounds

What are some barriers or obstacles that learners from middle class and poor backgrounds have to face?

Learners from the middle class and poor backgrounds feel like outsiders whenever they are in class. The difference between them and the students from wealthy backgrounds makes them feel intimidated. They usually sit in class feeling left out and do not participate like other students. This makes them uncomfortable in their class and as a result of this, their concentration and hence, their grades at large can be affected negatively.

The desire of learners from middle class and poor backgrounds may be interpreted to mean that they are rejecting the backgrounds they come from. It may seem like they are not proud of their past and they want to forget it. This is not true because their motive is to improve their lives and in some cases that of their parents and siblings.

Learners from middle class and poor backgrounds can be faced with the obstacle of lacking finances for getting good education. They may also lack the money to further their studies when they qualify at their current level.

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