Adopting a Pit Bull Terrier Dog

Pit Bulls as Strong, Tenacious Dogs

Pit bulls are strong, tenacious, determined dogs. They're also very resourceful and driven, able to overcome challenges if they put their mind to it.

Pit Bulls' Special Relationship with People

They have a very special and unique relationship with people, and often are very protective of their families. Early socialization and training can help prevent aggressive behavior in these dogs, but it is not guaranteed.

Aggression in Pit Bulls

When a pit bull type dog is exposed to many negative experiences, including being abused, neglected or unsocialized from other dogs, they may develop aggressive behavior. This is especially true when the pit bull type dog is left alone, confined in a crate, or chained outdoors.

Protectiveness and Loyalty

If you adopt a pit bull, you can expect them to be very protective of you and your family. They will want to protect you at all costs and will never give up on their mission to do so.

Training and Socialization

A good, consistent training and socialization program can help prevent aggression in dogs of all breeds. A well-trained, socialized pit bull type dog can be a great family pet and companion.

Loyal and Affectionate Family Pets

They can be loyal, playful and affectionate with their family members. They love to cuddle and are often considered "lounge" dogs.

Pit Bulls in History

Their amazing loyalty is one of the reasons they make such good guard dogs and police dogs. They have a history of being cherished as family pets, with some famous owners and individuals who have had them as companions including Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. They were also popular among writers and artists such as Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain and Fred Astaire.

Pit Bulls in World War I

During World War I, pit bulls served as mascots for the American war effort, and they were often displayed in posters. Some of these dogs were featured in the prestigious "Watchful-Waiting" poster for the US Army.

Pit Bulls as Beloved Companion Dogs

In addition to their wartime contribution, pit bulls became a beloved companion dog throughout America, and have been bred to be family pets for generations. Several famous people throughout history, from presidents to television stars, have had pit bulls as pets.

Negative Stereotypes and Misconceptions

Unfortunately, the pit bull's appearance and strength became a liability as it became associated with poverty, "urban thugs" and crime. The media was a major part of this, with pit bulls being depicted as vicious creatures that could kill anyone they encountered.

A New Perspective on Pit Bulls

It wasn't until 2007 that a raid of Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennels revealed a whole new side to the Pit Bull: they are individual animals who can be loved and cared for as much as any other animal. Thanks to organizations like Best Friends and Bad Rap, a number of these animals were able to be placed in sanctuaries or adopted out to loving homes.

Choosing the Right Dog

It is important to remember that pit bulls were not bred for fighting, so any dog with a temper that is prone to aggression against people should not be purchased as a pet or even re-homed. The temperament trait that causes this behavior is a genetic one.

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