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My paper accompanied an introduction, body and conclusion structure. The introduction composed of a background of the case scenario. General statements followed which became distinct and resulted in the formulation of a clear thesis statement that directed the subsequent tone of the essay up to the conclusion. I used to be keen to follow the standard writing procedure meticulously. The initial action in the process used to be to narrow down to a topic that was as applicable to my learning as it was of interest to me as an individual. I relied on net research as well as the course fabric to ensure that I had relevant and sufficient statistics for the topic before I instigated the writing process.

Once done with research and analysis, I did my first draft by combining the course material with the information I found on reliable internet platforms. Each paragraph had transitions that guided me in maneuvering through thoughts and facts from one paragraph to the next to ensure that I don’t self-plagiarize the work. Creating the final draft for submission was a simple matter of thorough editing and proofreading while refining the information as I went along.

Although the essay was completed, there were a lot of challenges. I experienced immense pressure to present my best work so that the instructor can appreciate my writing both as a writer and as an individual destined for intellectual fulfillment. I also got mixed up on the best conclusion strategy. One part of my mind wanted to offer a summary of all the major points discussed, and the other part was agitating for restating the thesis or contextualize the arguments. In the end, I resorted to blending all these to come up with a conclusion. Of all the challenges was a time constraint. I struggled to balance between curriculum and co-curriculum activities making me work to meet the deadline. In the mix, vital information that could have strengthened the topic to earn more marks became limited.

I have always believed in my capacity as a writer and on occasion taken a writing project to completion. Therefore, I had an understanding of my writing niche. However, the particular project, which is one among my four portfolio assignments, has my ultimate commitment thereby revealing new personal information that I have previously overlooked. For instance, I learned that I am a great planner who takes my time to comprehend a subject before initiating the process. I am therefore very efficient with the least amount of pressure while exploring my options. I also came to realize that proofreading is significant in the writing process. It can dig out more information, correct common grammatical and writing flaws as well as ensure a flow of the entire write up. It also gives an opportunity for self-evaluation against the provided instruction to minimize the possibility of gearing-off the topic.

From the class material, I understand communication as a give and take process where both the sender and the recipient have to decode the communication protocols. Writing is a form of communication that is effective with the audience in mind. From this perspective, I would like to work on my understanding of my audience. Future projects would, therefore, involve direct or online interaction with various sets of the public to grasp the communication pattern that is peculiar to the identified social classes.

When given second chance to cross check and adjust the essay, the first thing to do is to introduce case scenario of the health outcomes of illegal abortions to include incidences of infertility, complete uterus excision. Although the description might appear scary, it will serve to caution any other individual from the urge to procure an abortion. Providing a clear statistics on the increasing trends in maternal mortality in the US alone as other countries have a declining trend will act as a woke up call to action as such taints the image of the most developed country on earth.

According to the first and third page of my essay, the project focuses on the 1973 Supreme Court ruling of the Roe V. Wade case, with its details and arguments being in the second and third paragraph of the third page. Although the case was a foundation for various discussions on the subject of abortion, 1973 is a way back in history and the view, along with varied perceptions in the world has since evolved. Thus, with more time, I would expand my research to cover a significant number of recent rulings on the same. An example is a recent lawsuit by a New York attorney that targets anti-abortion protestors. The situation indicates that although the 1973 decision legalized abortion, the legality remains relative depending on circumstances and states. The additional research would serve as a basis for comparison of the intervention strategies applied in the ancient period viz-a-viz its current abortion legal management. Having such a broad scope perspective may result in a more viable abortion prevention strategy as well as identify possible challenges in its implementation.

In conclusion, the bulk of the lesson learned from the project is that writing is a form of communication that focuses on the audience with its success lying in the capacity to speak a language that the public can easily decode. Although my writing is concise with sufficient research, various improvements require increased interaction with the audience along with strengthening my argument using several comparisons.

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