Essays on Samurai

The Seven Warrior Ways of the Bushido

Since the beginning of time, human beings have been bestowed several expectation in the way they live. The society has set certain sets of values that define the ultimate living. In the journey of life, being a warrior implies that one has to be of honor and values. In Japanese...

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The book of Hagakure

The lessons of Yamamoto Tsunetomo are collected in the book Hagakure and are intended to give the Bushi, or feudal Samurai warriors of Japan, moral and practical instruction. Nabeshima Mitsushige's previous retainer was Yamamoto Tsunetomo. The philosophies found in Hagakure have helped to mold people's minds for many generations and...

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the Seven Samurai and the magnificent seven

There are some parallels and variations between the Magnificent Seven and the Seven Samurai. Furthermore, The Glorious Seven was influenced by the Seven Samurai, and it served as a kind of homage to the Seven Samurai. First and foremost, there are significant variations between the two films; the Magnificent Seven...

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