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While writing a Beethoven essay we learn more about Ludwig – a gifted man who wrote music since the tender age of 13, and at 16 was already quite known in his hometown Bonn, Germany. Some Beethoven essays review how Beethoven’s feather, admiring Mozart’s accomplishments, forced young Beethoven to practice music. Later Mozart gave high praise to Beethoven’s talents. Essays on Beethoven all elaborate on a huge loss his life had in store – at the age of 28, Beethoven started going deaf and was completely deaf by 45. He once said: “Music is like a dream. One that I cannot hear.” What would make most people despair and give up did not stop Beethoven’s work, followed by worldwide recognition. Don't know how to start your essay? Look through Beethoven essay samples below. We picked out great essay samples that will surely inspire you.

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

The Late Period in Beethoven's Career The late period in Beethoven’s career was primarily marked with romantic music. During this phase, most of the compositions were based on real-life experiences by the composers. In this era, Beethoven mainly made several music explorations that had a significant focus on individual feelings. This...

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