Essays on Academic Challenges

Reflective Memo

Most students find it difficult to write good essays, whether it's deciding on a topic, formulating a strong thesis statement, or properly citing their sources (Redman, Peter & Wendy 94). The process of writing an essay is indeed tedious and time-consuming. Throughout my writing process, I ran into a number...

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How to Identify Your Academic Interests

You might have a strong academic interest in a particular subject, but if you don't know how to pursue it, you can explore your passions outside of the classroom. Whether you've had a fishing license since you were 10, volunteered on trail crews during migration season, or watched popular science...

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About Information Fluency And Academic Integrity

Students are expected to understand how to express themselves clearly while maintaining intellectual credibility. Because of human nature's need to take the easier route, the challenge is enormous. Our century has been gifted with a plethora of information-gathering materials. However, the students are forced to choose between simply copying the...

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