Essays on History of Taekwondo

The History of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is one of the oldest martial arts in the world, and is practiced by millions of people worldwide. It is a system of self-defense, as well as an art that involves physical and mental training, making it unique in the martial arts world. The history of taekwondo dates back to...

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The Korean Martial Arts and Taekwondo

Korea was the first nation to discover the martial arts fifty years ago. The initial styles of Korean martial arts were known as Taek Kyon. The proof was discovered in tombs that had drawings of two men ready to engage in combat. Some individuals disagree with this evidence that these...

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Taekwondo and other Korean Martial Arts

Cultural identity may take many different forms, and the Korean community is proud of its martial arts prowess. In most of Asia, Taekwondo is revered and actively practiced. This technique has spread throughout the rest of the world, and most educational institutions permit its use. It is easy to comprehend...

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