Essays on Claude Monet

Impressionist Art by Lilla Cabot-Perry

Lilla Cabot Perry - An American Impressionist Lilla Cabot Perry was an American impressionist who trained in Boston and later went to France for further studies, meeting Claude Monet in 1889. In the next ten years, she spent time in Monet's company, thus becoming one of the influential proponents in the...

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Impressionist Painting by Claude Monet

The Impressionists were concerned with luxury lifestyle. They loved the beauty of nature that surrounded them, influencing them to think of painting the reality of events and appearance of things in life. Equally, their love for leisure is demonstrated by the interest they developed towards the changes on nature, weather,...

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Essay on Claude Monet

Claude Monet: A Pioneer of Impressionist Painting Claude Monet was a French painter who pioneered the style of impressionist painting. His paintings portray nature as he saw it. His work is considered an important precursor to modernism. Monet used a variety of techniques to create paintings that are considered a reflection...

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