About Extraterrestrial Life

The questions “are we alone in the universe?” and “is there life on other planets?” have persisted for a long time. Are we really alone on Earth? Many people believe we are alone, while others claim we are not. In an effort to discover extraterrestrial life and other intelligent civilizations,…

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Love in Saga #1

Comic books are entertaining to read. Icons are used to reflect specific concepts, topics, and ideologies. The comic book Saga Volume 1 depicts a mother and father’s attempt to defend their child from two warring extraterrestrial races. One of the main themes in the novel, as told by the boy,…

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Ted Chiang’s novel, Tales of Our Lives, is about human interaction with aliens that have conquered Earth, and Dr. Banks is hired to figure out how they interact. Dr. Louise Banks narrates the story in the past tense, and it also features Gary Donnelly, a scientist working with the military…

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