You’re not the guy who I met ten years ago. It’s not the sweet years, it’s the mileage

How do we consider the impact of time on us as we get older? Indiana Jones may be implying here that the passing of time has only a physical effect on him, and that the visual physicality of time, rather than how a human feels on the inside, is what reflects as we age. One way to think of time is as a landmark, a frame of reference to indicate the phases of life. How does it influence and form our views of ourselves and others? What is our perspective on time as a real entity? When we were young, time was shown in stages of development and milestones we looked forward to. For example, the loss of your first tooth signified that you are gaining adult teeth and growing up. You may look forward to birthday markers like becoming eighteen and moving from adolescence to young adulthood. When we were young, time never moved fast enough. We couldn’t wait to become an adult and experience the perceived freedom that comes with it. These physical markers are conjoined with emotional intelligence, all leading to becoming an adult to experience the perceived changes that come with adulthood.

However, when we finally reach adulthood, the time that once couldn’t move fast enough becomes too quick. We start to notice that life takes a toll, perhaps physically, that our once young body is not as fast or strong as it once was. We may start to look back to childhood fondly, wishing to return to it with our newfound sense of adult maturity and intelligence.

The statement made by Indiana Jones is in concurrence with what a lot of us feel as we age. In his mind, he feels that mentally and physically he is the same man he was ten years ago. However, regardless of his thoughts, he is currently experiencing change. In this way, time can be perceived on things like physical aging, i.e., how we feel on the inside as far as age is concerned. Hence, it is difficult to dispute that the physical changes we go through. In some ways, Indiana may look at time as something that he can fight, something he can conquer if he is strong enough or smart enough to outmaneuver it. We look at aging as something we can slow down or speed up as necessary.

The physical entity of time is always shifting and changing. Thus, We see it differently as we get older and it becomes tougher to fight against time. We can see ourselves as strong in body and mind well into the later parts of life. But the reality is, eventually time will gradually steal away our strength and the prowls of our mind. Diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia can wreak havoc on the elderly and strip them of their once sharp memory and thinking skills. These markers then, are how time can become a physical thing as see on our faces and body and sometimes our minds. However, the effects of time on humans are not entirely negative. Some things can be done to slow down the process of aging and time. We can work at keeping our psychical body healthy with exercise and eating well as we age. Also, our brain functions can stay active and sharp by challenging it with learning new things and having new experiences.

In these ways, time does have a physical hold on us and become apparent as we get older; hence time becomes something that we are more aware of, and we may work harder to try molding and shaping it for our purposes. The markers of time we looked forward to when we were young become less anticipated as we age. While time and aging is not something we can change, we can adjust our thinking to it and make it smaller in its effects and embrace aging as a culmination of life and experiences to share. We can show mileage, not years.

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