Yellow Raft in Blue Water by Michael Doris Books Review

Each generation is in combination with the past ones. Despite the fact that complimentary characters are proven in the future generations, the growth environment in which one is brought up and expertise of life creates different personalities.
Compare and contrast in the Yellow Raft Blue Water indicates the differences and similarities between Rayona, Christine, and Ida. These differences and similarities are useful as they create an photograph of the braid.
Rayona, Christine, and Ida are brave and independent. Rayona has a separate character from her childhood. Her mother, Christine fails to develop an terrific mother-daughter relationship with Rayona. On the other hand, Rayona’s father is rarely home; he only shows up once and later on leaves, this makes Rayona miss the fatherly company and love, thereby considering herself as a child without a father. The existence of miscommunication between Rayona and her parents cause her to have feelings that she is not loved. It makes her live an independent life, and learn how to make correct decisions, but soon enough she will know how to love.

It is evident in the book where she is seen taking care of herself since she was a baby. Her mother is admitted to a hospital where Rayona visits her, at the hospital, she plays cards with her mother who tries to cheat on the game, Rayona does nothing but lets her mother trick in the game. Later on, she leaves her home without informing anyone of where she was going. She finally meets the sky at a gas station which ends up becoming her husband.

Christine is brave and independent as she grows up without a father. She is brought up by her aunt called Ida, whom she considers as her mother. Aunt Ida and Christine do not have a right mother-daughter relationship. Christine says that she must be independent since she has never received support or love from anybody. It is caused by poor communication between her and Aunt Ida.

It is illustrated in the book whereby we see Christine as a child taking care of Lee and her readiness to do anything for Lee. She rarely discusses matters affecting her life with Aunt Ida. When she becomes an adult, that is eighteen years old; she moves out to settle all by herself. She gets married to a husband who is often home. In one occasion her husband disappears from home leaving her with the burden of raising Rayona, their daughter. Due to her braveness, she does not give up but instead brings her daughter up.

Ida is brave and independent as she brings up two children all by herself without getting help from any man since her entire life she lives unmarried. Her braveness changes her life completely when she decides to adopt Christine and take her as her daughter. It is evident in the book where Ida chooses to leave Willard despite her being pregnant with him. She does this just because of the comments she heard from Willard. Ida allows Christine and Lee call her Aunt not caring about people’s judgments that she is ashamed. Ida says that she did not hate Willard, but she is no longer interested in him pg. 351.

On the differences, Christine is popular and open, especially when she was a teen. She always goes out with her friends to have fun. She has many boyfriends, and this makes Aunt Ida consider him as a slut. Such girls who possess a partying character spend most of their time styling their hair and decorating their bodies with the aim of getting male’s attention. Christine describes how she sets her hair at night, waking up in the morning to find its ratted high. Though she lacked the beautiful looks, she always made it up in other ways to perfect her date pg. 149. She is still enjoying a woman’s body and having sex with any boy she wants. She even goes ahead to conclude that she is the most popular girl on the reservation. She has a notion that you only live once.

Rayona is not popular and lacks friends because of her frequent movings. The people in the reservation do not welcome her. Despite her desires for love, she does not care about what the people will say about her. She says the if anyone tries to look at her she will see in the opposite direction and that if anyone tries to have a conversation with her, she will frown pg. 46.

Ida is brought up together with her sister by both of her parents. She is brought up in a healthy family, but all these changes when her mother becomes sick, and Clara comes to aid. She is being loved by her mother thereby having a healthy childhood. Her mother tells her not to accept Christine as her child as this could ruin her life. Since Ida has an experience of the parental love, she becomes brave enough to take Christine as her child, despite her not being a good mother. It can be compared to Christine who does not know what parental love is, and that she cannot love Rayona.

Rayona’s life will be much different as compared to that of her mother and grandmother. She plays a motherly responsibility by taking care of Christine. It enables her to learn a lot about herself and others. Most of the time Rayona is there to watch over her mother, for instance, she takes care of her mother at the hospital. In various occasion her mother, Christine would go out for parties leaving her behind to take care of herself. As a child, Rayona is doing incredible things that any other teen cannot do. Through all the difficulties that Royana has undergone; being left by her mum and dad and not being able to experience what parental love is, she will grow up into a more loving mother as she will not want her children to go through what she underwent at her teenage life. She will be a caring mother as she has learned how to take care of people and be responsible and independent from his past life.

In the future, there will exist a distanced relationship between Rayona and her mother and grandmother. Most probably when Rayona grows up, she might end up hating her mother and grandmother for not loving her. It may cause them to keep distance between themselves which will be encouraged by the existence of a weak mode of communication. Rayona might end up living her entire life out of the reservation with the aim of staying away from Christine and Ida, due to the child labor they put her through when she was young.

In conclusion, it is true that Rayona, Christine, and Ida share both differences and similarities as illustrated above. It is also evident that a child’s teenage life may have significant influence concerning their future lives and that parents are supposed to bring up their children properly to enhance success in their lives.

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