XYZ Organization software security issue

The lack of information protection in companies and factories produces thousands of bugs that malicious software can easily exploit. XYZ has repeatedly complained about a lack of protection in its system, citing concerns that their data could be compromised by malicious software. A corporation will make itself an easy target for unfair competitors and information thieves/hackers by keeping their processes and sensitive files vulnerable. As a result, the aim of this article is to formulate a plan for the measures that must be taken to resolve the inadequacy of protection at XYZ. It addresses the advantages, requirements, expense plans, planned strategies, and future consequences of the whole process.
Possible Benefits
Many advantages can be associated with the introduction of the modern security technologies in an organization. Some of the benefits can include but not limited to:

Powerful security system run and maintained by hundreds of aspiring and trusted programmers.

Bi-Daily system backups, accessible through our shared cloud drives.

Virtual Security Gate scanning and breaking down every incoming and outgoing file.

Emergency kill-switch in case of dire situations by high-end attackers.

Maintenance agents that work all the times, 24/7.

The Need

There is a real need for a good security system to protect valuable information of the company and keep its manufacturing business safe from malicious software. There can either be an intentional or accidental introduction of the malicious software into the firm’s systems. It will be challenging for the organization to maintain its standard operations once the malware corrupts the system.

The Plan

The company needs to address some specific components of the planning stage. For instance, there is a need to set clear objectives of the proposed implementation and the intended techniques that will be used while implementing.

Objectives and Methods

Rhino Technologies represented by its Senior Information Security Officer will supply XYZ with an advanced information security system. This will take place in a four-step process: the first phase will be the system analysis phase then, the second one will involve the system design then the third phase will be the installation, and finally, the fourth step will entail the training of the user. During the first phase, Rhino Technologies will analyze the client’s existing system in order to define the security problem, objectives, and the required resources such as personnel and costs. It will meet with the IT personnel of the company to identify the needs and expectations of the system.

During the second phase, once the client’s needs and expectations have been understood, Rhino Technologies will define the elements of the proposed system, including the components, the security level, modules, structure architecture, and specific interfaces and data that will be incorporated into the system. In the third step, Rhino Technologies will meet with both the management and the IT personnel of the client corporation to illustrate the design of the new security system. Upon approval, the new system will be configured and installed on the client’s arrangement, ready to become running. Finally, in the final phase, five end users will be trained on how to use and to get familiar with the new system.

The Cost

The cost of the system analysis and system design will be $1,000 and $20,000, respectively. The installation of the new structure and training of end users for one week will be provided for free, and from there Rhino Technologies will be charging $150 per session if the client will request training of more users.

Expected Results

It is expected that the implementation of the new security system will enhance protection and safety of vulnerable information and secure the system from malicious software. XYZ will then be free to compete freely in the market without fear of witch-hunt by some of its competitors and hackers. More importantly, XYZ will also be at liberty to operate its systems without fear of any form of accidental malware attacks that can massively corrupt its data.

In summary, therefore, some of the critical points that need to be taken into account are: first, the client complained lack of security with its system being vulnerable to malicious software. Rhino Technologies proposes an advanced protection system that will secure the scheme from malicious software. Installation of the new system has been suggested to enhance security and safety of vulnerable information and defend the scheme from malicious software. The cost of system analysis will be $1,000 while scheme design will cost $20,000. Five (5) IT staff will receive one-week free training while each additional session will cost $150.

Request for Action

XYZ Company shall present its requirements and assess the specifications for the proposed system. Once the structure is considered to have satisfied their need’s assessments, they shall place a purchase order upon executive management’s approval. Then Rhino Technologies shall develop and install the new system within 30 days of the official Purchase Request. Finally, Rhino Technologies will conduct an orientation trainings to the staffs on the management of the new system which will be intended to make implementation process easy.

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