Writing Skills

Effective reading and writing is the process by which a person is in a position to read the particular information recognize it and analyze the information in writing. It is entirely accepted that instructors have to play a great role in teaching which determines how high-quality the reading and writing skills are understood by the learner. Everybody reads with exclusive intention, but effective reading need to be accurate and efficient to the reader and when it is translated in writing it should have a complete meaning and needs also to have finished the purpose.
Greenall and swan recorded that for effective reading and writing their needs to be the extraction of main ideas. This will help one to distinguish the important information in the reading passage with the information which is not that important from the passage which is being read and it becomes easier to summarize in writing. The reading should target specific information which one needs to write about but not the entire reading. The information may be required to perform a specific task. For an effective reading which may lead to an effective writing on needs to understand the organization of the text and how the lines are joined to make passages. Once the reader is able to understand the organization of the text he can easily understand the content in the passage and thus becoming effective. Predicting as you read may help one when it comes to writing and this is simply trying to remember what you know about the reading and connecting. This will help you to be able to get the new information added on what the reader knew and it becomes easy to have an effective writing. (2007 pg.3).

According to Blair, Rupley & Nicholes, effective reading and writing is very important for scholars and for it to be successful it all depends on with the teacher. Effective teachers’ asses’ students reading regularly in class to test their skills on the ongoing assessments to evaluate the outcomes of the students. The assessments help teachers to identify the strength and weakness of the student and thus capitalize on improving them. For the above to be successful there must be a meaningful teacher-student interaction and this makes the teacher understand the weakness of the student more. (2007, Pg.434).

It also important to note that the meaning that is archived from a certain reading when put in writing it will differ from student to student due to the difference in the knowledge they have. This influences how they interpret the text they read and thus putting it down in writing in a different way (Sweet, 1993, pg.5).

In conclusion, there is still more to be learned and time has proven that the teacher is still the best tool to use in effective reading and writing according to the research. Teachers who expose their learners in ongoing assessments give the learners an opportunity to understand more and thus accurate expectations in effective reading and writing. Students without the ability to read and write effectively are left to a disadvantaged position in learning. For this to be solved there is the need to have effective teachers who are well trained and engage the learners more for them to grasp the skills. This, in the long run, will make the students not only to read and write effectively but also to love the literacy. Reading is a process which needs interaction at various levels and should be highly encouraged. The teachers should also be armed with more than one teaching method because not all the students will be able to understand using the single way due to their difference in understanding (Blair, Rupley & Nicholes, 2007, pg.437).


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