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Art refers to the human potential to express him or herself through creative skills. Through art, human beings are in a position to devise approaches in which their emotions, feelings, cultural values, and beliefs can be expressed. Most importantly, many portions of artwork purpose to convey positive information meant by the artist to the goal audience. This paper, therefore, delves into art evaluation by taking into consideration David Alan Harvey’s artwork the Puerto Rico of 1995 at the San Juan Stadium on a screen.
The image is a image taken at the center of a stadium. An examination of the photograph reveals that it is a younger man aged between 18 and 26 years. The man is dressed in a black short and t-shirt. Moving down to his legs, he has worn white socks and sport’s shoe. On his left hand, he has a book while his right-hand remains captured still on air while on the move depicting that he has just thrown a ball up in the air. The background is quite dark yet there are light sources turned on portraying late hours of the day and that it is probably getting dark. The entire field on which he is standing is watery suggesting that it has probably been raining or just the field is being watered.

Element Analysis

The elements of design that enable the picture to have imprinted in the mind of the audience include the use of lines, shapes, texture, color, and form. The elements highlighted enables the picture to clearly represent a scene or make the moment at which it is taken to remain memorable as long as the eyes can remember. The lines as observed in the picture are used perfectly to ensure that the picture is at the center and provides an opportunity to capture the background and vicinity, which is to be represented. Texture, form, and color, on the other hand, reveal the activities taking place where the picture is short as well as telling the approximate time of the day. Together, the elements provoke an individual’s sensitivity to the different visual elements both when conscious and subconscious. Additionally, the elements significantly monitor the use of space ensuring that the picture fits within the desired frame.

Contextual Analysis

The picture in its context represents many ideas that are expressed by the sublime nature of the art. As such, Harvey in the picture represents a time of mobility turn and the new cartographies of the world alterity occurring in the international contemporary art system. Therefore, the main message that Harvey passes across by using the picture is to inform the audience of the echoing anthropological turn, which has massively influence areas including cultural tourism as well as the advancement in technologies of the bio-political control. On the same note, Harvey expresses his concern with the new ethnology, which accounts for the urban imaginaries otherwise e social production of space to reflect on cultural changes.


David Alan Harvey’s artwork the Puerto Rico of 1995 at the San Juan Stadium is one of the many pieces of artwork that provokes the human ability to think. Because art is able to represent several ideas in combination, it is confounding how an individual as captured in the picture plays a ball while holding books. Plausibly, Harvey manages to reflect on the concept and connects the picture cultural change, which some people have not learned to embrace.

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