workplace sexual harassment of employees

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The conduct of workers in the organization toward each other, as well as management, has a direct effect on the success of the company. Employees are the ones who are driving every company to greatness by the performance of its duties. The essence of workers influences the success of any company with respect to ingenuity and innovation. The executive committee is also responsible for making the best choices when it comes to the staff they need to fill a work vacancy. The corporate climate must be conducive to ensuring the correct performance of the duties of employees. Additionally, employees need motivation and a sense of belonging to the firm for them to execute tasks accordingly. Motivation can be regarding job promotion, salary increment, and allowances, vacation, etc. The employees’ right must be observed in the firm and conflicts arising from colleagues or with the management must be solved immediately not to cause work delays. This paper will focus on harassment of employees at the workplace and find it implicationconducive to their performance and organization reputation. The stories to look at are the harassment cases of famous actors Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey who have been accused of sexual misconduct. It will also show how these acts have affected organization behavior of the employees (Amos, 2017).

Organizations must ensure that their workplaces are free from gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment of its employees at all costs. These issues reduce the participation force of the employees which in turn reduces their productivity. In the US, women are the people who are affected by sexual harassment as they are the underrepresented and marginalized groups (“International Labor Organization,” 2016). Report cases have been on the rise with influential media persons accused of sexual harassment. This year Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein who is an American film producer and former film executive was charged with sexual harassment by his employees. The news of his sexual assaults began when the New York Times published claims of Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan. Other women like Kate Beckinsale, Lysette Anthony, and Gwyneth Paltrow were among the more than 90 women who accused him too of sexual harassment. The women who did not give in to the demands of the actor were fired and like Daryl Hannah left stranded in different towns during movie shooting occasions. Through his spokesperson, the actor denied the claims and argued that he never acted in retaliation against all the women who turned him down (Harvey Weinstein scandal, 2017).

According to Rawlinson, (2017), the famous Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey has had series of allegations of sexual harassment. The actor who is known as the leading actor in the series “House of Cards” has spoken on his interest on both men and women. He has been under investigation by the Metropolitan police regarding second sexual assault allegations by a man identified as Victim 2, in the year 2005. The first assault was a man identified as Victim 1 in the year 2008. All these incident happened in south London, and the assaulted victims were not named for security reasons. However, the actor refuted the claims since they happened 30 years ago and could not remember, but he went ahead to mention that if such happens, he was sorry for the victim. In the BBC news this year, new accusations have emerged of Kevin Spacey sexually assaulting men like Tony Montana who claimed that the actor forcefully grabbed his crotch. Roberto Cavazos, a Mexican actor, claims that the actors continuously preyed on young male actors he worked with during the shoots (“Kevin Spacey: More allegations of sexual harassment surface,” 2017).

The allegations of the two actors though not proved have had considerable impacts on the organization they work. Kevin Spacey allegations have made the production of season six of the series House of Card suspended with the producers deciding to end the series at the sixth season. Additionally, the unique Emmy award for Spacey scheduled for December has been withdrawn, and his fans have been angry with him after publicly saying he was living as a gay man (“Kevin Spacey: Netflix halts House of Cards production,” 2017). The Weinstein Company fired Mr. Harvey following the sexual assaults allegation and also the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science voted to expel him. The two actors’ actions have brought downfall to their successful acting career in the film industry.

Effects of Sexual Harassment in Workplace

In America, Sexual harassment in the workplace has been numerous resulting in an adverse impact on the employees’ performance. These are caused by the stress inflicted on the victim due to the inappropriate and unwelcomed behavior at the workplace. Sexual assault cases in the workplace have made the working environment for the employee hostile and insecure hence making them lack the morale to perform as there is a threat of physical and emotional harm. These incident becomes long-lasting and changes the lives of the victims considerably. According to Chinn (2016), some of the effects of sexual harassment of the workers include;

Make the employees feel angry and not comfortable in the workplace hence making them less productive since energy is used to avoid the harasser or remembering the past encounters with him.

The victim losses job morale and make excuses like they are sick to avoid the workplace so as not to meet the harasser and also try to leave early from work. Their physical health is also damaged hence making them lose appetite, have headaches, loss of weight and have nightmares when they sleep.

The victims’ confidence level becomes low making him silent and not able to speak about new ideas and suggestion which they might have for the company. The act jeopardizes the mental and health of the victims making them lose self-esteem hence to a great extent compromise their relationship with colleagues.

Sexual harassment has a long-term effect on the victim as it makes them feel depressed and they may experience panic attacks even after the harassing stops. Victims then feel unhappy with their jobs and try to change their line of careers.

Employees speaking out about sexual harassment may lead to them being laid off from their duties. These may result to financial challenges as are not paid their salaries and might be forced to take a compulsory leave which in most cases is always unpaid (” The Effects of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, 2015″).

According to Young (2016), the organization also suffers a financial loss when cases of sexual harassment arise from its employees and get to the public. Its sales volume decrease as customers are scared away. The firm management may also get sued by the employees for not providing safe working environment thus losing funds to settlements. For example in the US, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received numerous claims of sexual harassment reaching 6,800 which resulted in $46 million direct settlement form 1,829 charges.

Firms that experience sexual harassment incidents are likely to have staffing problems since no employees’ wishes to be exposed to the toxic environment in the workplace. According to the study which was conducted by Merkin, & Shah (2014), employees turnover and sexual harassment had a direct correlation. There was an indicator that employees avoided working in companies perceived to have sexual harassment.

Finally, employees’ sexual harassment by either their colleagues or the management has severe impacts on the firm. In other events, sexual assault claims might lead to low performance hence the closure of businesses. The management team must carry out training to its personnel on the dangers of sexual harassment. These will create awareness among the people and reduce such incidences occurring. However, according to Lampen (2017), sexual harassment training does not work since most firms do it once after an extended period. Managers should, therefore, make this training routine to be able to make stakeholder remember and avoid such behaviors. Employees need to be protected in the workplaces at all costs if the firm wishes to succeed. A conducive environment is favorable for better performance of the workers since it gives room for creativity and innovation. Organization behavior in companies must be desirable to enable the firm get the desired result. Discrimination and sexual harassment should not be allowed in the businesses as its effects and impacts are long-lasting. It damages the image of the victims and the firm.


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