Work Satisfaction: Evaluating Organizational Behavior

Work Satisfaction: Evaluating Organizational Behavior
Job satisfaction is characterized as a person’s level of satisfaction with their job (Boundless, 2016). Getting meaningful work is one factor that influences job satisfaction. When workers or people are dissatisfied with their job, they are less likely to put in the effort necessary to achieve better or enhanced results. According to Hassard, Teoh, and Cox (2016), job satisfaction is measured by a person’s degree of contentment with their career values and the extent to which they like or dislike their working conditions. This assignment involves assessing work satisfaction for various people in the case to determine their level of satisfaction and what influences their job satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
The various professionals in the case
Marla is an accountant at Lemnah Company. Darell is a quality control manager for an insurance company. Mike is a retail store manager for a company dealing with outdoor products.
What characteristics of these jobs might contribute to increased levels of job satisfaction?
The features that might lead to increased levels of satisfaction for an Accountant job include the ability to apply what one learned in school in work directly, working with actual figures and no need for estimation, as well as one, can work at the same time go to school.
Traveling in many places is one characteristic that increases job satisfaction for a quality control agent. The work is direct and needs the application of the required rules when investigating fraud in cases. Much of the work is what the person already knows and learned in the classroom. These are attributes of the quality control agent job that increases the levels of job satisfaction for a person.
The characteristics that contribute to the increased levels of job satisfaction for a retail store manager are the ability to exercise entrepreneurial skills. One is his boss and able to make most of the decisions for the business. It is also satisfying to deal with clients directly and learn their experiences of the products.
What characteristics of these jobs might contribute to decreased levels of job satisfaction?
A decline in the levels of job satisfaction for an accountant is influenced by features such as the need for paying attention to details when working. One has to work lots of numbers and formulas carefully. Leaving a single detail makes the final records not reliable, and one has to repeat the process of preparing the documents or records again. An accountant requires reviewing financial records regularly. It is tiresome when the accountant cannot find the reports that one is looking for at a particular time. One may also remain on one task for a long time without obtaining the required results if details were left during data entry.
Being a quality control agent for an insurance company needs Darell to travel a lot. It is also a job that requires paying attention to the main details during auditing. Failure to realize errors in a particular item requires the person to repeat the entire process again. It is a job that requires an individual to be away from his family and concentrate on the work. Darell does not have a work life balance because most of the times he is at work and moving from one location to another to investigate cases. Company politics highly influence the quality control agent job, and this may cause disrespect of employees. These characteristics contribute to the decreased levels of satisfaction for the quality control manager job.
The levels of job satisfaction for a retail store manager can be reduced by features such as the increased need for employee supervision. Mike is seen going to work when he is supposed to take vacations. The job is unsatisfying when one does not reach sales targets that define the success of the business. Not reaching the sales targets may cause the company to start making losses because it cannot pay its debts and other expenditures. Getting a promotion is also a big challenge when goals are not met.
Relating the levels of satisfaction to various characteristics
Job performance
The job performance of Marla, Darell, and Mike is related to their levels of satisfaction depending on how one feels to have achieved targets or goals for his or her work. Marla and Darell are satisfied with their job performance. However, Mike is not satisfied with his job performance. He feels that he needs to do more so as to achieve the expected targets and obtain a promotion.
Citizen Behavior
Citizen behavior related to Darell and Mike. Marla is not affected by citizen behavior since she meets her family every day after work. She is satisfied with her work. The need for Darell to be near his family makes him want to leave the quality control agency job. Even though Darrel enjoys working at his position, he is partially satisfied because of being far from his family and monotony of staying in one job for an extended period. Mike is also not satisfied as he is away from him family for wanting to work many hours and traveling more without achieving his goals. However, the citizen behavior does not affect his levels of satisfaction. His concentration is the retail store and less about his family.
Turnover is affecting the levels of job satisfaction of Mike. The others are not complaining of turnover. Mike is concerned about the sales that are decreasing, and this affects his satisfaction with the job. He needs to work more or find improved strategies to increase the sales turnover.
Company Profit
Business profit is also a factor relating to Mike who is concerned with meeting the targets set by the corporation. Decreased sales mean reduction in benefits and this makes Mike not satisfied with his work.
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