Work dedication

Since I was eight years old, I’ve wanted to be a doctor. Since I was a child, I’ve gone to Dr. Tafid, a pediatrician, for drugs, and his commitment to his work, as well as the fact that he always gave me candy when I went to see him, made me want to be a doctor. When my mother was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I was forced to care for her. This reinforced my desire to become a doctor. When my sister was diagnosed with cancer, I went to see her and stayed with her in the hospital, which allowed me to witness the enormous effect doctors have on their patients’ lives, their commitment to ensuring their improvement, and their continued focus on patient care. Since then I have been focusing my energy on achieving my dream of being a doctor, and I believe with hard work, commitment, and dedication, I will achieve my dream and get the chance to touch the lives of patients positively and improve healthcare delivery.

The University of Alabama School of Medicine and University of South Alabama College of Medicine are my choice of schools for professionalizing my career choice. I believe these schools have an excellent environment, qualified personnel, effective curricula, and good culture to help me achieve my dream to become a doctor. The application deadline for both the University of Alabama School of Medicine (UASM, 2017) and University of South Alabama College of Medicine is November 15; hence, applications should be made at least three months before the deadline to allow time for preparations and avoid a last-minute rush. The tuition and fees for a year are $29,048 in the University of Alabama and $28,458 in University of South Alabama College of Medicine, and the Doctor of Medicine program course takes four years to complete.

To be accepted to the Doctor of Medicine program, one has to undertake the Medical College Admission Test and submit an application through the American Medical College Application Service that begins to accept applications from June 1 (USACM, 2017). The exam takes 7.5 hours, and one has to prepare for three months before taking the test, and there are four times available for an individual to undertake it with three months between each attempt. The subjects in the entrance exam include Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems, Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior, Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, and Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (The Princeton Review, 2017).

Besides becoming a doctor, I have had a long time desire to pursue nursing and pharmacy. This has been my personal decision without parent’s or relatives intervention. I think my main source of inspiration to become a nurse comes from an innate desire to help people and care for them when they need it. During my experience at a local facility where my sister was admitted, I realized that nursing care is a good area to work in, not as depressing as many seem to think. Having this experience and insight into nursing care helped me form a desire to enroll for the hospital at the college level. I have good memories on that experience at the hospice, and I believe that with hard work I will achieve my dream of improving evidence-based healthcare services. I intend to pursue my nursing profession at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

I have also a great desire in pharmacy career. In dealing with the preparation, dispensing and proper utilization of drugs, I have a desire to ensure a great impact in empowering my community. I have always admired my cousin in her work of preparing, selling of drugs and compounds and making of prescriptions. I believe the University of Alabama in Birmingham has an excellent environment and qualified personnel for this career.

I believe this school has an excellent environment, qualified personnel, effective curricula, and right culture to help me in my both nursing and pharmacy careers. Continuous education is creatively designed to enrich clinical skills. In fact, the school was recently named one of the top nurse-friendly hospitals and awarded Accreditation with Distinction. So, it is an excellent institution for my growth as a health provider. For one to be considered for admission to nursing and pharmacy programs, all prerequisite coursework must be completed with a grade of B or higher with no exceptions made. Admitted students must send a $500 enrollment deposit to the office of Admissions on or before the date specified in their notification letter to hold their place in the entering cohort (UAB, 2017). Applicants and enrolled degree-seeking students must possess certain abilities and skills deemed essential for meeting the professional standards of accrediting agencies.

In assisting to my chosen health related profession, PPAC (Pre-medical Professions Advisory Committee) Process is crucial. Specifically, it simplifies the application process for students. In my situation, PPAC will be beneficial in providing guidance about competitiveness, admission tests, deadlines and personal statement interviews. It will also make it easier to complete the actual professional school applications.

In detail, PPAC Process involves

Interviewing by committee members of new applicants and writing individual letters of evaluation.

Selecting three external evaluators to submit individual letters to PPAC.

Evaluating and rating the applicants by composite committee evaluation according to their testimonials.

Conveying all valuation materials to schools by Committee for the applicant.

Concerning the essential tips in ensuring a positive interview in admissions to a professional school, being on time is the crucial factor. Specifically, it means that the applicant knows where is needed to be and how to get there. Moreover, it is necessary to bring all the documentation requested and follow the dress code for an interview. During the conversation, it is vital to have a clear understanding why the applicant wants to be a healthcare worker by revealing familiarity with the responsibilities. This means expressing the personal core values and considering the dignity at work policy.

Balancing between school, research, community service and clinical services is difficult enough. A year or months spent working, volunteering, or doing community service prior to applying to medical school can be a good option to present oneself. Some of the major ways and opportunities that can help gain useful experiences include research, clinical employment or volunteer work and medical camp. Pre-classes are also vital, so taking a course of anatomy will help me succeed in medical school.

For future success in my career, various skills and experiences are essential. Among them, developing strength in independence, self-regulation, self-assessment, and being confident in dealing with a wide range of new people and situations are relevant. Other important factors include having responsibility for learning, time management and working with others. There is also a great for in communication skills, meaning speaking, listening, and presenting effective arguments in a variety of different contexts. My focus on this entry into becoming a health officer is to help a community. Thus, community information on cultural beliefs and the personal experiences through encounter will be vital in the future practice.


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