Women’s Sexual Harassement at Work

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The company is constituted of different workforce of both men and women, and the article provides a rundown of the fundamental issues affecting mainly women. Women are constant victims of sexual harassment from men who unfairly use their positions and power. Most private discussions by career mostly centers on how to make their workplace friendly to them and sharing information about their male colleagues at work. Other discussion points include the advice on work life balance; workplace politics and advice on salaries negotiation. The discussion reveals the ordeals which women go through at hands of notorious sexual harassers. Sharing to these women is reassuring and enables them to be free psychologically. Their coming together helps them to feel less alone and have a behind-the-scenes kind of support system.

Networking allows women to express their experiences and discuss the social issues affecting them. With the advancement of information and communication technologies, a more efficient platform is created where the complaints on issues such as sexual harassment could be aired. The social media allows for anonymous users to raise their complaints without fear of victimization or intimidation. The social network is either driven by firsthand information or mere speculations. The allegations made against someone for instance can spread fast and damage their reputation before they get chance to defend themselves. Often men who are victims of such speculation threaten to take legal action for their subjection to public sharing and vigilantism. Rarely do the assaulted women file complaints formally thus their harasser often go scot free and will surely repeat the same ordeal on others. Women fear the risk and retaliation associated with their reporting. They also fear been dismissed from their jobs or sidelined. These women benefit from the social media since as the alleged accusations become public, the organization are quick to take actions in order to save their reputation. The social media acts as an institutional memory which helps in retaining and spreading information.

The company ought to be in the forefront in ensuring that her workforce function in harmony and no one should be discriminated or assaulted on any basis. Women have their rights and should not be assaulted by their fellow men based on their gender and sexuality. It is crucial that the instances of sexual harassment are reported so that actions can be taken. The company should show its commitment to dealing with such issues so that the women are confident to file formal complaints. These issues are better communicated in the company’s newsletter and during the employee meetings.

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