Women’s and Men’s Salary Scales

Woman’s and Man’s Salary Scales
Pay disparities between men and women can be seen in a variety of industries and careers. First and foremost, it is said that women earn 75% of what their male counterparts earn. Furthermore, men’s median salaries are 24 percent higher than women’s median salaries. The pay scale is almost uniform, with women making less than men in nearly every career and occupation. Importantly, with higher-level roles such as CEOs. Furthermore, amid the Equal Pay Act’s attempts to reduce minimum wage levels in most industries, the medical and nursing professions also have salary scales.
The advantages of gendered employment are immense to the community and the society at large. Importantly, as a study done by the University of Yale in 2010 found that gender diversity contributed mainly to increase sales, profits, and customers. The gender diversity also influenced markets to share another the impact was not significant during the study. Similarly, gender diversity encouraged diverse perspectives and opinions. Likewise, organizations can benefit more if they recruit their staff by qualification rather than sex playing the main role of getting employment. Organizations that employs both male and female equality by skill rather than gender have experienced tremendous growth.

Although gendered employment has a lot of advantages, it also comes with some disadvantages, and they are firstly employment by sex does not promote a culture of respect and dignity between the employees. Secondly, the communication between the employees is adversely affected if there is no diverse employment. Additionally, competent employees may leave the organization if their gender prevents them from working with other staff. Moreover, negative attitude and harassment may take a lot of management time in a bid to solve cases.

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