Women suffrage

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Women’s suffrage is the right of women to vote in elections in their country. Women in the United States had won few voting rights by the late 19th century (McArthur 7). These rights are due to many women’s selfless actions and sacrifice, including Alice Paul and Susan b. Antony. Antony. In this scholarly work, the author will discuss Alice Paul’s remarkable contributions to the fight for women’s voting rights.
Paul emerges from my study as the most outspoken and powerful activist in the struggle for the democratic rights of women. It is noteworthy that Paul took advantage of the new President-elect Woodrowrow in 1913. Wilson’s position to address the issue of suffrage. She organized a group of over 5000 women to get the attention of the new president during his inauguration (McArthur 13). Despite police sabotage and taunts from onlookers, Paul stayed put. She would later seek the president’s opinion. She never allowed the president forget the issue. She successfully mobilized and used young, passionate women to visit media houses for a presentation of their petition.

Unlike Antony, Alice was impatient with Wilson’s administration. The president’s failure to make reference to suffrage during his 1913 annual message to Congress, forced Paul to plan a big parade (McArthur 14). Through her initiative, suffragists picketers the white house for more than six months. Indeed, Paul’s resilience and courage kept the movement going despite opposition, extreme weather and the First World War politics.

Both Susan Antony and Alice Paul represent the social and political activism and push for reforms that characterized the beginning of the 20th century. While Antony’s approach was mild and moderate, her abolitionist stance on women oppression represented the spirit of the progressive movement. Both women fought for social and political equality in a white patriarchal society.

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