Woman Hollering Creek

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Chosen Passage: “The city of gossips. The town of dust and despair. Which she has traded for this town of gossips. This gained of dues, despair. Houses farther apart perhaps, though no more privateness because of it.”
Cleofilas, the female character in the story “Woman Hollering Creek” through Sandra Cisneros, is constantly abused by her husband, Juan. She decides to move to America and stay in Texas with her husband. As an immigrant, she barely speaks English language and also has difficulty in understanding the American culture. She feels hopeless as a end result of her husband’s constant abusive actions. She recalls what her father said to her when she got married: “I am your father, I will never abandon you” (Cisneros). Cleofilas wants to go back to her hometown; however, she is worried about the spread of gossip and the consequences of going back to her parents with her two sons. She had to relinquish all her rights as women. She listened to her husband, and her husband is her primary source of finance. She realized that if she decides to go back to her hometown; she would be judged by her neighborhoods since is married and it is forbidding to return. After analyzing the story, I realized that the author describes Cleofilas’ hometown as “her father’s house” which implies that the place does not belong to Cleofila anymore. This statement means that according to the author, women are more of objects and lesser humans. Hence, in conclusion, a primary theme of the story is that women do not have high social status in the society and they must always obey their men.


What does “Woman Hollering Creek” symbolize? How does the meaning of the symbol change over the course of the story?

Why are telenovelas important in this story? What role do they play in women’s lives? How do they affect Cleófilas’s views about love and relationships?

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